Baby its cold outside

Baby it’s still cold outside. We are having the coldest February on record.

Last week school was closed because the wind chill was expected to be minus 20 below.

It didn’t make minus 20 below but it was still cold.

My end of the couch is close to the window. Its cold enough to make it harder to breathe watching television.

I have a pair of mittens on my end table. This week I have had to put them on sooner because of the cold.

Pulmonary hypertension make my hands so cold at times they hurt.

I have been lucky, my next doctors appointment is not till March. I have a yearly CT scan.

Last year I had a reaction to the dye so this time I have to be premeditated and have a driver.

February being Go Red for Women month I will mention I continue to have heart palpitations. They come at strange times.

 Last for longer than I would like and it doesn’t matter what I am doing.

The doctor says he can put me on meds for them but the meds would make me more tired. So I live with them and the cold.

Dave brought home roses for Valentine’s Day. That was nice and very unexpected. He asked what I wanted.

I wanted pastels in the colors of nature. So he ordered me soft pastels. Staying inside has not been bad,



I have been busy finishing up a couple of pictures for the upcoming art show.

Animals again this year. Every year I have to learn have fun making the pictures.

The more fun a picture is to make the better it turns out.

The first picture is a bear.

My brother gave me a picture my grandpa had made of a bear and I thought this would go good with his.

I think both he and my grandma would really like that.

I finished the second one yesterday.

The second picture is our neighbors cat. While I was taking pictures of her flowers the cat came by me.

Dasher mewed wanted me to pet him. The poor cat was skin and bones.

Dasher passed away about a week later. He was a rescue.

So I did his picture to remember any pets that passed away in 2014.

It turned out really good. This weekend we plan on framing the pictures. Take in day for the art show is January 27th.

So I will post the pictures after take in day.

My next doctors appointment is my yearly CT scan because of colon cancer the middle of March.

A week after I see the oncologist to go over the results.

The skin doctor is at the end of March. So far I go twice a year and he removes something.

I have a new pulmonary hypertension doctor. He had never heard of Cowden’s, but is willing to learn.

I have an upcoming echo, blood word and six-minute walk when I see him in June.

He wants to talk about doing a right side heart cauterization again, so he has beginning numbers,

and to see if the adcirca is helping my pulmonary hypertension.  I have had two cauterizations since 2007.

Lately my fingers have been getting really cold. This starts around four pm.

Yes I know its January and  I live in Ohio so I should be cold. But My fingers get so cold they hurt.

I have started wearing gloves inside, taking them off right before bed. It seems to help.

My next art project is to make something for the twitter art exhibit.

I will post the finished project.

Ring the Bell

Shirt and bell from Race with Grace

Shirt and bell from Race with Grace

I came from a swimming family. So much so that one year my mom was the swim coach.

One thing she talked about but never got to do was fire the gun to start the race.

 Early Sunday morning  Sunday September 21 we rang the bell to start the race. .

 It was the tenth Race with Grace. The Race with Grace was started to honor a local woman who passed away of breast cancer.

She had three children.

The Race with Grace foundation helps families with basic living expenses while going through cancer treatment.

The foundation made a house payment in 2009 when I was going through colon  cancer treatment.

There help was really appreciated.

Dave and I met a lady whose husband had just passed of kidney cancer. The first woman mayor had just passed after her four-year fight with lung cancer.

Before the start of the race a bagpipes played Amazing Grace for everyone who had lost there fight with cancer.

My dad lost his fight with colon cancer in the 70’s. His friends started a race in his honor.

The whole thing got me a little misty.

It was an honor to be part of the tenth Race with Grace.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms.

I get yearly colonoscopies. Yes with a family history of colon cancer, my colon cancer and having polyps on top of polyps at my first colonoscopy that’s why.

After awhile you remember the nurses.

On Mothers Day I will be doing my colonoscopy prep. My colonoscopy is sometime Monday afternoon. My doctor doesn’t have morning appointments anymore.

Thats all right with me. The nurses call her the McGuire of polyps. NO they haven’t come up with anything better for the prep. I usually ask.

I don’t do anything with lightly in it. But other the years I have noticed you don’t have has much to drink as when I first started.

I’m still gathering my clear liquids. I like anything cold. My brother says eat less a couple of days before the prep.

My sister says make sure you use a straw. She talked about having candles and music in the bathroom.

Yes I will get through it. I keep thinking about the warm blanket right before they put you to sleep.

When You wake up there are pictures of my polyps to take home. Last year I had a fair prep with 27 polyps.

This I hope to have a good prep with more polyps removed.

Doctors appointments!!!!

Lately I have been really frustrated with doctors, appointments, scans and anything medical.

Last week I had a CT scan. This CT scan was for my fifth year since being diagnosed with colon cancer.

I made it to the office on time, even brought paper and pencil to draw. The contrast looked clear and didn’t taste that bad.

 I ended up having a reaction to the contrast, had to call Dave to drive me home.  The nurse gave me a Benadryl.

From all my experience no news is good news. I had a big surprise,  my oncologist call the next day.

No cancer but I have a small intussusception of terminal ileum. This explains the symptoms I have been having.

The last thing he said was make sure to keep my appointment with him in May. Thats right before my colonoscopy.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I have appointments. Monday I have my breast MRI. This is my second breast MRI and the first was not fun.

Tuesday I see the dermatologist. This ones a follow up from six months ago. I ended up in the operating room to remove bumps from my breast.

Everything turned out good in that.  I have new bumps for him to remove. But the left breast never looked better.

Wednesday’s appointment is with the vascular surgeon. My AVM really hurts. The pain medicine helps some. Staying off the computer helps too.

How they all ended up in the same week I have no idea. It should be busy.

One Cold Week

Warmer days

Warmer days

Boy oh boy has it been cold! The last time I looked we were in the middle of a heat wave at 29.

Tonight I have plans to uncover my car and get groceries.  Target and Wal-Mart here we come.

Daisy needs dog food and Target has the best prices. The list is close to done. This weekend I am attempting to make sausage and peppers that go over spaghetti.

I found the recipe in my newest Weight Watcher cook book. Trying new recipes is something I want to do for the new year.

 I wanted to do this year was in my own small way advocate more. So I looked into turning the Cleveland Tower blue sometime time in March.

March is colon rectal awareness month. They wanted two professional signs. That I do not have. I do have the opportunity to be in a video about hereditary colon cancer.

It would be me holding a paper about Cowden’s Syndrome, and colon cancer. My new internet friend talks about defying your genes.

I had the information about my genes but did not use it.

Maybe its the really cold weather, or maybe  it’s really close to a year since my last procedure, I have been in a lot of pain.

For the last couple of months I have been trying to stay ahead of the pain. But like anyone with an AVM will tell you it throbs, lately its throbs really bad.

Two nights ago it was so bad I had trouble getting to sleep. Last night was a lot better. The temperature was above zero and I was really tired from the night before.

My thyroid medicine was getting really low. So I got out my new prescription. That prescription was the wrong dosage. I was suppose to continue on the same dose. So yesterday

morning after not sleeping well I talked to the nurse on call. After the wait on hold and ten minutes of explaining she finally understood. Thyroid doctors office called this morning.

They sent in a new prescription. I just got off the phone talking with another nurse about getting a new prescription for my pain medicine. My pain medicine is a non narcotic low dose med.

Over the counter pain meds do not help any more.

Ss what do I start drawing last night some of my medicine bottles. I got out the watercolors this afternoon. I’m not finished but so far they look pretty good.

Its kind of funny what lots of pain and cold weather will inspire me to draw.


English: Poster promoting early diagnosis and ...

English: Poster promoting early diagnosis and treatment for cancer, showing a rooster crowing at sunrise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case you weren’t aware, March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

Despite being the 2nd leading cause of cancer related deaths in the United States, this cancer isn’t talked about too much.

Many people, like myself, are trying to change that. Screening for colorectal cancer, i.e. a colonoscopy, should begin when you turn 50 – earlier if you have symptoms and/or a family history of colorectal cancer.

Although the prep isn’t a ton of fun, the scope itself is like taking a short nap – you feel nothing.

For a good description of the process, GoogleDave Barry – colonoscopy” – for a great write-up he did on his colonoscopy a few years back.

Symptoms for this disease can be very obvious, very subtle or in most cases –no symptoms at all. It affects men and women equally.

Colonoscopy’s save lives. One simple procedure can save your life.

 I knew my colon cancer risk. My father passed away from colon cancer at 43. For me it took lots of talk from many family members and having my insurance deductible met.

The doctor found lots of polyps. I had symptoms, did not follow through with the doctor and   ended up with stage 3 colon cancer.

  This disease can be beat – but in order to beat it, you need to find out if it’s lurking inside you first. So please take a look at your own situation and determine when (not if) you need to schedule your own colonoscopy.

Do it for yourself, your friends and your family.