Another one

 In 2002 long before  Cowden’s Syndrome I had early stage breast cancer in the left breast

The breast cancer was treated with a lumpectomy radiation and five long years of horrible medicine.

Eleven years later I get these purple lumps in my radiated breast. Theses lumps appear, continue to grow and are tender to the touch.

 Last Halloween I had a lump under the left breast. Everything came back ok.

This time I had a mammogram in early October. Everything was good.

Since I had a mammogram less than a month ago I didn’t need another one.

But the ultrasound of the lump said its the same thing I had last year.

The surgeon called the lump an atypical lesion that has to come out. So I have an outpatient procedure Dec 6th to take the lump out.

The surgeons nurse agreed with Dave cancer doesn’t grow that fast.

But the lump still has to come out.



I am not sure where to start. I haven’t written in a long time.

Maybe ten days to two weeks after my doctor’s appointment with the breast specialist, I was getting dressed and thought I felt something.

Now this is after having a good mammogram and the breast ultrasound.

So I felt again and there it was. This lump looked bruised and was on the breast.

A week went by and the lump is still there. I sleep on my stomach so it takes awhile to get comfortable.

Last week I called the breast specialist. I talked to her nurse. I  showed it to the cancer doctor during my appointment last Thursday.

He looked at it did an exam and said he had never seen anything like that before.

He got me a same day appointment with my breast surgeon. Her office called, canceled my appointment and suggested I see the breast specialist.

My breast specialist is out of the country. I tried seeing another doctor in her office once, she was nice, but didn’t want to see me because of the Cowden’s.

So tomorrow I have a mammogram, and breast ultrasound before seeing the breast surgeon. Dave says pretty soon I’m going to glow.

Doctors appointments!!!!

Lately I have been really frustrated with doctors, appointments, scans and anything medical.

Last week I had a CT scan. This CT scan was for my fifth year since being diagnosed with colon cancer.

I made it to the office on time, even brought paper and pencil to draw. The contrast looked clear and didn’t taste that bad.

 I ended up having a reaction to the contrast, had to call Dave to drive me home.  The nurse gave me a Benadryl.

From all my experience no news is good news. I had a big surprise,  my oncologist call the next day.

No cancer but I have a small intussusception of terminal ileum. This explains the symptoms I have been having.

The last thing he said was make sure to keep my appointment with him in May. Thats right before my colonoscopy.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I have appointments. Monday I have my breast MRI. This is my second breast MRI and the first was not fun.

Tuesday I see the dermatologist. This ones a follow up from six months ago. I ended up in the operating room to remove bumps from my breast.

Everything turned out good in that.  I have new bumps for him to remove. But the left breast never looked better.

Wednesday’s appointment is with the vascular surgeon. My AVM really hurts. The pain medicine helps some. Staying off the computer helps too.

How they all ended up in the same week I have no idea. It should be busy.



Douglas Crockford's purple shoes

Douglas Crockford’s purple shoes (Photo credit: FranksValli)


I am glad to see the end of October. This year was the first October I had breast issues. I came to realize the bra decorating contest was not for me.


The dinner was expensive. Most ladies who decorated a bra,  went to the dinner with their co-workers. They sat together and voted for their bra.


This year a couple of bras had lights on them. I am not working, so I have no co-workers to sit with or vote for my bra. Who knows how I did.


I still think it’s a good cause. Just not the right one for me. But tomorrow is another day.



Three doctors appointment this week.  Monday is the oncologist. It’s really close to the five-year colon cancer mark. Who knows when you are supposed to start counting.


 I had my right colon removed in January of 2009.


I like to count when the cancer was taken out. My upcoming colonoscopy will be in March. I am one of the lucky few who get yearly colonoscopies.


Two appointments on Thursday. The morning appointment I am supposed to find out the results of the biopsy from my left breast.


The doctors office is right beside a mall. This mall has lots of different stores that I don’t normally get to see. There is a Crock store.


Crocks thats the shoes. They have more style than they use to and with the cold weather coming my feet fell great in them.


One of the few Cleveland Indians stores is there to. So I hope the doctors are on time.




Thursday afternoon I see another  nurse to discuss my osteoporosis. Last time I filled out lots of paperwork, talked to the doctor and had blood drawn.


From those blood test result I found out my parathyroid is high and my vitamin D is low. More blood test are scheduled.


Waiting is hard.


Hope and Patience

Hope and Patience (Photo credit: deep shot)



Breast Ultrasound Today!

Lump (song)

Lump (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like my new doctor. She was young, knows her stuff. Polite too, said she was sorry twice.

Once because she was running late. The other time because there was so much to read.

An informed doctor is a good doctor. Once I had a doctor tell me there was too much to read. He would read my chart and get back to me. That cost another deductible.

Dr H didn’t ask what Cowden’s Syndrome was. Her nurse asked how to spell it.   I was glad Dave was there.

Yes Dr H agrees with Dr A. The lump under my left breast needs to come out. But she is concerned with that area having prior radiation.

I could end up with a wound that doesn’t heal. She also doesn’t want to take off the lump without knowing what it is.

I guess there are ways other than surgery to remove the lump. Dr H. measured the lump too.

The nurse took pictures. Pictures for a plastic surgeon are different from pictures for the skin doctor.  There was a picture room, with extra light.

The nurse took three different poses.

I need an ultrasound of the left breast. Ok I can do that. Yes she said someone could schedule the ultrasound right away.

After waiting in line again. The first appointment at the breast center for a breast ultrasound was January 7. The scheduler excused herself.

When she returned and made another phone call, I had a breast ultrasound appointment for today.

For the third time this week,  I head back to the family center down the road. At this rate I should get my own parking space.

English: West from the Lump The Lump, or the M...

English: West from the Lump The Lump, or the Meall, is a high promontory above Portree pier. It was the site of the last hanging in Skye in 1742. It was laid out with trees and shrubs by Dr Ban, and is now the venue for the annual Skye Games. This view shows some of the trees on the western side of the Lump. The view over Loch Portree is to the houses of Viewfield and Fisherfield. The snow topped hill behind them is Suidh Fhinn – (Fingal’s Seat). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: pink ribbon

English: pink ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had early stage breast cancer in 2002. My treatment was a  lumpectomy, radiation and had to take medicine for five years. The lumpectomy was painful. At that time I spent the night in the hospital. When everything was over I did not need chemo for breast cancer. Just radiation, the medicine for five years and follow-up with an oncologist.

 I had 45 visits to the radiologist. He started everything off with a twenty-minute lecture. The three C’s…thats what kill most people. Cars, corollaries, and cancer. It still surprises me I remember that. He explained everything very well. My appointment with radiology would be at the same time every day. Mornings were all ways full. I ended up going later afternoon.  I had lots of side effects. The one I remember the most was I burnt, really bad. Every once in a while the nurse would come in and paint my breast with this purple stuff. She said it was what they use to use for radiation burns. It was smelly, sticky and really purple. But the purple stuff helped. I do remember him telling me that radiation does have side effects for some people. But the benefits were the breast cancer not coming back.

I ended up getting bumps under the bra line on the radiated breast under my arm pit. The first time I had them checked the dermatologist  removed some bumps on my armpit. This was before Cowden’s Syndrome. For at least a year i have been going to a dermatologist. He removed some of the bad-looking bumps every time. Each time the pathology came back calling the bumps lymphangioma, not cancer see you back in six months. Well yesterday I went back for my six month check up. I had three bumps frozen off, two on my right hand the other one on my left knee. Then I showed him the bad-looking bump under the breast. Dr A had another doctor with him yesterday. They did an exam and looked confused. Dr A said he could not remove the bump this time. The bump needs to be removed by a plastic surgeon. The bump is at least three different colors, looks to have fluid in it. Dr A took out a ruler and measured the bump. My other bumps were not big enough to measure.  He said the plastic surgeon could get margins around the bump, something he can’t do in the office.

 Dr A went on to tell me this office of Cleveland Clinic has two plastic surgeons. The one he recommended the lady. She is new an I could get an appointment with her quickly. So I have another doctor’s appointment with a lady plastic surgeon tomorrow at two. This will probably turn into scheduling the surgery to remove the bump. Dave wants to meet me at the office.  Hope she is on time.



Surprise! (Photo credit: Greencolander)


Wednesday I see a new breast specialist. That should be interesting. She has yet to see what radiation and Cowden’s Syndrome does to a breast.

I have a new black and blue mark in an odd place. After seeing the doctor I have my first digital mammogram. This time I am seeing the doctor at the breast center.

I have been told I would know the results before leaving. I had breast cancer in 2002 and mammograms still make me nervous.

 Wednesday evening I have my pastel class. Last week I drew a pig. It turned out better than I thought it would.