I am tired

I am tired. December was a long month.

The first part of December I had a surgical biopsy to remove a growth on my left breast.

 Sometime after my October mammogram I found a growth on my left breast.

In 2002  I had breast cancer in the left breast. Part of my treatment was radiation.

The growths are in the skin not part of the breast and what can happen to skin that is radiated.

I saw the surgeon the beginning of November. We scheduled the biopsy for the first part of December.

Before being put to sleep I showed my surgeon a skin tag she said to remind her to remove.

My surgeon looked handed a pen to sign off on another growth that had gotten bigger I the month she had seen me.

That was a first for me. When all was said and done. I was fine. The lumps are atypical lesions or lymphangioma.

Fast forward to December 24th. Dave’s children and families came to our home for Christmas Eve.

His granddaughter is almost two. So while the adults were talking to each other I placed with her.

That was fun, long day but fun. We got pizza again so I didn’t have to cook.

Add to our holiday time we went to an out-of-state wedding. The wedding was on December 28th.

This time I flew without getting hurt. We saw my daughter and enjoyed the wedding. I had an eight-hour wait in the airport for the flight home.

My plane was delayed about forty-five minutes but made good time getting to Cleveland.

In between presents I had to get an outfit for the wedding. First time I bought anything right off the display

For me part of traveling is spacing the water pills so I am near a bathroom when I need one..

Since colon cancer I have limited the junk I eat while traveling too. Don’t want to get sick.

As of January 1st we had a new prescription plan.  I had ordered my Adcirca, picked it up with two hour left in 20014.

Adcirca is my pulmonary hypertension medicine. Our drug store charges 400 a pill. I take two pills a day.

After looking on line the new company does not fund my Adcirca. After a call to my doctor The nurse said I am number 5 with the same problem.

All that will work out.

I am working on something for the upcoming art exhibit. So far thats looking pretty good.




Another one

 In 2002 long before  Cowden’s Syndrome I had early stage breast cancer in the left breast

The breast cancer was treated with a lumpectomy radiation and five long years of horrible medicine.

Eleven years later I get these purple lumps in my radiated breast. Theses lumps appear, continue to grow and are tender to the touch.

 Last Halloween I had a lump under the left breast. Everything came back ok.

This time I had a mammogram in early October. Everything was good.

Since I had a mammogram less than a month ago I didn’t need another one.

But the ultrasound of the lump said its the same thing I had last year.

The surgeon called the lump an atypical lesion that has to come out. So I have an outpatient procedure Dec 6th to take the lump out.

The surgeons nurse agreed with Dave cancer doesn’t grow that fast.

But the lump still has to come out.


I am not sure where to start. I haven’t written in a long time.

Maybe ten days to two weeks after my doctor’s appointment with the breast specialist, I was getting dressed and thought I felt something.

Now this is after having a good mammogram and the breast ultrasound.

So I felt again and there it was. This lump looked bruised and was on the breast.

A week went by and the lump is still there. I sleep on my stomach so it takes awhile to get comfortable.

Last week I called the breast specialist. I talked to her nurse. I  showed it to the cancer doctor during my appointment last Thursday.

He looked at it did an exam and said he had never seen anything like that before.

He got me a same day appointment with my breast surgeon. Her office called, canceled my appointment and suggested I see the breast specialist.

My breast specialist is out of the country. I tried seeing another doctor in her office once, she was nice, but didn’t want to see me because of the Cowden’s.

So tomorrow I have a mammogram, and breast ultrasound before seeing the breast surgeon. Dave says pretty soon I’m going to glow.

Ring the Bell

Shirt and bell from Race with Grace

Shirt and bell from Race with Grace

I came from a swimming family. So much so that one year my mom was the swim coach.

One thing she talked about but never got to do was fire the gun to start the race.

 Early Sunday morning  Sunday September 21 we rang the bell to start the race. .

 It was the tenth Race with Grace. The Race with Grace was started to honor a local woman who passed away of breast cancer.

She had three children.

The Race with Grace foundation helps families with basic living expenses while going through cancer treatment.

The foundation made a house payment in 2009 when I was going through colon  cancer treatment.

There help was really appreciated.

Dave and I met a lady whose husband had just passed of kidney cancer. The first woman mayor had just passed after her four-year fight with lung cancer.

Before the start of the race a bagpipes played Amazing Grace for everyone who had lost there fight with cancer.

My dad lost his fight with colon cancer in the 70’s. His friends started a race in his honor.

The whole thing got me a little misty.

It was an honor to be part of the tenth Race with Grace.

Getting back on track

I have been attempting to get back on track after a really busy and stressful couple of weeks.

Boy do I really miss Daisy my 10  year old rescued boxer mixed dog. We put her to sleep right around Father’s Day.

We had birds stuck in the chimney at first I thought I heard her. I do not want a new dog. I want my old dog back.

During the summer I walked  with her and Dave. So I have joined our local rec. center to get the exercise I miss not having a dog.

The rec. center is having a summer fit contest, today is the first day. I joined.

It took longer than I would have liked to recuperate from the PH Conference.

The 4th of July is our anniversary so we had lots of things planned. Starting with a doctor’s appointment with the breast specialist.

I am back on the breast screenings every six months. March was my second breast MRI. During the appointment the question came up

about having an 85% chance of breast cancer. The doctor nodded and went on to talk about why six month screenings are done.

She talked about what could happen if I had breast cancer again in the left breast. Not a conversation I want to have again for a long time.

I have been making an effort to do things I enjoy and hopefully make a difference.

I have three pictures to enter in our local county fair. This is a first for me. All three pictures are not animals.

One is a watercolor. The Band Perry will be at the fair. We have tickets.

 I want to advocate for pulmonary hypertension. In my part of Ohio no one knows what PH is.

My family reunion is in July. I plan on attending a high school class reunion the first part of August.

That is  something I have never did. My daughter said she would go to hers when I go to mine.

So I can’t chicken out.

Surgery next week

Hypnotically Pink for the Cure (1488505615)

Hypnotically Pink for the Cure (1488505615) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My surgery is October 29 downtown Cleveland at the main campus. Dave will be there with my sister.

Last week I had my pre surgery appointments. I passed. One of the things the nurse went over was that I am having a cyst removed on the left breast.

Since all this started the thing on my left breast has been called different things by different doctors. What I do know is the cyst is hard not fluid filled.

Its located on the left breast bra line. I had breast cancer in 2002. My treatment was a lumpectomy and radiation. The cyst is located in the radiated area.

The ultrasound showed the cyst growing from the top down not from the breast up.

Most of the questions I asked my surgeon were answered with, we don’t know. Her thought is to give me twilight sleep, remove the cyst and some of the area around the cyst.

That way there is no need to go back . That works for me. It will take a week to ten days to find out the results. At times two things bother me about this.

First I all ready had breast cancer.  Second because of where the cyst is, and maybe breast size it can be painful.

 Every day I can see the cyst. Because I can see the cyst, I have watched it change color. So I have stopped looking at it every day.

It turned out you can not take multi vitamins, vitamin D or vitamin E two weeks before surgery.

My surgery binder says it affects the certain medication. Only one appointment was late, even after the doctor added an EKG.

Folding album.

Folding album.

photo box

photo box

Last Tuesday I went to art therapy at our local cancer support center. We made photo boxes, either to keep or give for Christmas gifts.

You make them with four pieces of colored paper. The instructor cut and scored the paper. We cut and glued the papers together, and started to decorate our boxes.

I have been adding the pictures and decorating. They are turning out really nice. My problem I am running out of pictures.

So my family will have to use their pictures to finish the boxes. All the cutting and gluing is relaxing.

I am counting the days till November 2.  That is when I have an all day pastel class. Sounds like fun.


Art Bra, Front

Art Bra, Front (Photo credit: campbelj45ca)

Our free paper had an article about WOW. That stands for Women helping Women. It’s a local organization that raises money for uninsured and under insured women to be able to afford mammograms.

WOW has a bra decorating contest. Anyone can enter. The bras are displayed and votes are a dollar a piece. WOW has a dinner and a local lady comic is performing.

The decorations were pink complete with pink and white M&M’s.

Last year I decorated a bra, but could not attend because I broke my foot. Me and the crutches were really slow.

So I am looking forward to decorating a better looking bra this year.

The article had a picture of a 2010 bra. It was a pink bra with tool box written on the cups. Pink tools and a hard hat completed the display.

I need to do a whole lot better this year. I used Lego‘s to decorate my bra. Who knows if they all stayed on the bra?

Any one have a great idea for this year?