Birthday week

Its been a long week. I had horrible back pain. The kind that is a 15 on a scale of one to ten.

The pain didn’t go way and got worse. So Dave and I spent Sunday in the emergency room.

I had blood drawn, another ct without contrast and a VQ scan. My last ct with contrast was this past March 13.

The ct was fine stated my colon cancer had not returned. The word report needs redone. My AVM has gotten so big it was called something I was not born with.

But that’s another story.

I ended up spending Sunday in the hospital and was discharged early Monday evening.

The discharging doctor stressed I see the spinal surgeon for pain management and my pain is in a different place than the old break from the ct scan.

As far as I know I only broke my back is a car accident when I was 16. Currently I am over 50.

This doctor said he had everything set up for my appointment this week.

Well I got an appointment for tomorrow right down the street from where I live.

But they need a copy of the ct from the 13th. Yesterday I called attempting to get my ct on a disk for the appointment tomorrow.

I was told I had to go downtown Cleveland to pick it up if it was ready and there was a charge.

This morning Dave had blood drawn and we talked to a really nice lady in the records room. She could have made my copy in 45 minutes.

We will be back tomorrow to pick it up.

Now I remember another PTEN contact blogging she gets what she needs to get done for copies of scans before leaving.

I will know better next time.





My dog is not feeling well. I have known this for a while. Next month we are going to the Ph conference.

Dave and I have been looking for a kennel to board Daisy.  We found one.

Now we do doubt she will be here to go.

Daisy we call her our kid, our kid who still lives at home. All the neighbors know her name.

The cats run when we are on a walk. The little old lady across the street sees us coming and brings her dog in.

Daisy she has made her mark around her. My award-winning picture is Daisy looking out the window.

Watching for Critters

Watching for Critters

Daisy my ten-year old boxer mix rescued dog has been to the doctor three times in the last month.

The first time we updated her shots, had some of her problems looked at. Daisy is a dog who goes on three walks a day.

She use to  love her walks. Now we walk about half the distance.

The next week she had an infection, went home with pills.

Monday night she had a hard time breathing. So Yesterday it was back to the doctor.

She took ex rays and found a large growing tumor on her stomach.

The x-ray showed a something on the spine to. So the kid has been in pain. She still has the fever.

Daisy got a shot, they drew blood. She went home with four pain pills. We had a better night.

Now we wait for the doctor to call. It doesn’t look good. She hasn’t moved from the spot she was in at 6:30 am.

Just found out Daisy has leukemia.