Doctors appointments!!!!

Lately I have been really frustrated with doctors, appointments, scans and anything medical.

Last week I had a CT scan. This CT scan was for my fifth year since being diagnosed with colon cancer.

I made it to the office on time, even brought paper and pencil to draw. The contrast looked clear and didn’t taste that bad.

 I ended up having a reaction to the contrast, had to call Dave to drive me home.  The nurse gave me a Benadryl.

From all my experience no news is good news. I had a big surprise,  my oncologist call the next day.

No cancer but I have a small intussusception of terminal ileum. This explains the symptoms I have been having.

The last thing he said was make sure to keep my appointment with him in May. Thats right before my colonoscopy.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I have appointments. Monday I have my breast MRI. This is my second breast MRI and the first was not fun.

Tuesday I see the dermatologist. This ones a follow up from six months ago. I ended up in the operating room to remove bumps from my breast.

Everything turned out good in that.  I have new bumps for him to remove. But the left breast never looked better.

Wednesday’s appointment is with the vascular surgeon. My AVM really hurts. The pain medicine helps some. Staying off the computer helps too.

How they all ended up in the same week I have no idea. It should be busy.


Yesterday’s Appointment

Kent Oncology Centre

Kent Oncology Centre (Photo credit: llamnudds)

 Yesterday I left an hour early for my doctor’s appointment. The appointment is about twenty miles up the road.

Made three stops. First was to the local credit union. It was out-of-the-way and never busy. I got on the highway and realized my low fuel light had come on.

My car is two years old. We don’t drive it on the weekends anymore.  I was grateful the low fuel light came on right before Brunswick.

Now I usually don’t get gas in Brunswick. Almost missed my exit to get back on the highway.

Finally got to the doctors building. Checked in and had about five minutes waiting for Dave.

A positive of yesterday the nurse didn’t remember me.

This is the same place I had chemo at. Nine treatments at the time seemed to be never-ending. My first oncologist moved to a cancer center on the other side of Cleveland.

She was very good.

I saw the oncologist yesterday. Big waste of time and money.  It was one of those appointments where I could have phone it in.

He scheduled a CT for March. Doesn’t expect to find anything.  I had my CEA levels checked. They are still good.

He said there was still no word about my breast biopsy from last Tuesday. I was hopeful. When I asked him he thought it was I got very odd answers.

 He could have just been like every body else and said he didn’t know. This was probably the third time I had seen him.

I’m glad I looking around before telling Dave I was sorry he took the time to come with me. The doctor had followed me out. He came real close to hearing my comments.

There was a small wait to have my blood drawn. But there was a baby ahead of me. She was born on Halloween. Very very cute.