2017 started with doctors appointments. I had my six month appointment with the dermatologist. He is one of my favorites doctors. The staff is very nice. Doctor knows what he is doing. They are always on time. He has become the family skin doctor.

Two Monday’s ago I saw him.  Everything was ok till he got to my right cheek. He thought it possible could be a pre cancer or possible basal cell cancer. I needed a biopsy. I’m no stranger to biopsies. The doctor is good at them. If I have basal cell cancer this would be my third cancer.

So he finishes. The answer to all my questions is “We’ll be in touch” I wait till the following Monday,  call the office back. Tuesday morning a nurse calls. Doctor talked to the pathologist. Report is he’s not sure. Doctor wants to see. Saw doctor Friday afternoon. He did another biopsy on the same site says results should be back by Wednesday at the latest. Thinks he got everything this time.  Depending on the results I might need to see another doctor for further treatment.

I know with PTEN skin cancer  I am at a higher risk for skin cancer. Every year I buy sun block but forget to use it. With my large head size I have one ball cap that fits.

Treatment for pimples in my teens included time under a sun lamp and night cream that smelled like sulfur.

This summer I will use sun block not just buy it. Hopefully there is somewhere out there that has cute wide brim hats for summer.

Most important my hope is my family, friends will make a point to use sunscreen with me.


Cold Weather and a Big head

The last time I looked the temperature was 3. The wind is still really blowing. Most schools around here are closed for the next two days.

The snow plow just went down the street for the second time. Our boxer mix dog looks big and kind of mean. But she still is very afraid of the snow plow.

That could make for a long cold night.

Over the weekend we have been getting ready for the cold. Hopefully we got enough food till Thursday.

Changed the filter in the heater. Even went to the auto parts store for oil. The auto part store was has busy has the grocery store.

One guy was changing batteries, another guy was changing wind shield wiper blades.

I have pictures to work on for the next couple of days. My I Pad has a good book I am reading. So we are pretty well set for the cold.

I found the P Ten Foundation on Facebook. It’s a page about Cowden’s Syndrome and everything that goes with it.  Yes I have blogged about this before.

The P Ten Foundation page has a post about the big hat store. Who Knew!!!

Now when this place says big hats they mean XXL to 5XL. The smallest hat might be 7 and a half. The largest six is over 9. My hat size is pretty close to an 8.

Dave found the big hat store. He found a big warm hat with ear flaps that kind of reminds me of something Elmer Fudd wore, back in the day.

Now this Big Brown Elmer Fudd hats cost $56. But I think it ships for free.

It’s really nice to be loved but I really don’t want a 56 dollar hat that I probably won’t wear. Dave says he would wear it if I didn’t.

I tried ladies big hats and got something you would wear to the Kentucky derby.

So while the wind blows I need to find a free hat pattern to knit or crochet. I could make my own watching television if the patterns easy enough.

I’m over fifty, its 2014 and I still get: Put a Hat On its Cold!!!

My boxer mix afraid of the snow plow dog Daisy.

My boxer mix afraid of the snow plow dog Daisy.