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Rare but Strong Together

Rare but Strong Together (Photo credit: reinedelaseine14)

I have  Cowden’s Syndrome. Once you have a Cowden’s related issue it never goes away.

Didn’t find that out about Cowden’s  till 2008. I remember my sisters reaction. That was not a surprise.

If you look up Cowden’s Syndrome most of the definition is all about me. Never liked hats. Over the years I have found few  hats that fit.

Math was and still is hard. I have a  rule no math after 8 pm. One of the many things I am thankful for is the  person who invented the GPS.

Even at my age I still have issues with right and left. Before the GPS going to new places I got lost. One of my first art classes the teacher said you start drawing from the top down not the bottom up.

 Dyslexia I still have it. My sibling will ask where something is. If I answer my dyslexia is still going strong, they understand.  Over the years I have adjusted.

My cousin taught me “righty tight, lefty lucie” That works with anything from opening a jar, fighting a screw to winding a watch.

The surgeon must be careful not to damage or r...

The surgeon must be careful not to damage or remove the parathyroid glands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thyroid problems.

Mine started when I was 17. I had a choker that got to small. After lots of tests, I had my first thyroid surgery. Over the years I had two additional thyroid surgeries.

Sometime in the late 80’s I found out about  parathyroids. They are four glands behind the thyroid. Parathyroids control the calcium level in the body. Too much or too little is not good.

Yes I have had both problems. High parathyroids levels doctors took out two and a third glands. Low level parathyroids and I in the hospital for three with calcium IV.

My whole body was tingling, except for my lips.

 The IV‘s started to help with in the first ten minutes. Now I had new parathyroids issues.

Cowdens Syndrome issues, they never go away.

Breast issues keep coming back.

My first mammogram was suppose to be used for screening. Not my luck. I had early stage breast cancer. The radiation after surgery gave me new issues eleven years after diagnosed.

Who knew there were breast specialists that I have to see now. December is my next appointment.

Colon cancer.

Yes I got that one too. I have posted about that before. My doctor calls me a frequent flyer where colonoscopies are concerned. I get them every year. The doctor has decried me has a polyp making machine.

Probably could write a book about them. My right colon was removed. That brings on many different problems most people don’t want to hear about.

My dad passed away from colon cancer in his early forties. So it wasn’t to much of a surprise.

This doesn’t cover my AVM. I have found out thats part of Cowden’s Syndrome. My AVM has given in problems since the early eighties.

Its grown out of control, very painful. I get a procedure on it at least once a year.

I seen this surgeon so long the family calls her by her first name.

I have right side heart failure and  Pulmonary Hypertension.

November is pulmonary hypertension awareness month. In the past couple of months I have become  aware what having PH means.

Every day I try to not let my many health issues get me down.

I have gotten back into art. Hopefully this year I will have some  handmade gifts for my family.

For awhile I been saying I’m old I’m sick ,tired. I don’t want to deal with “fill in the blank.”

Last night I read this is a parathyroid symptom. Just not feeling good, or feeling “old.”

So its an art afternoon for me.

Im waiting for the doctor to call. Tomorrow is another day.



  1. To raise money locally for Women helping Women who provide free mammograms for low income. There is a dinner and it cost a dollar a vote. I was not able to go to the dinner but hope to go next year.

  2. Yes the parathyroid problems happened after the thyroid problems. I was never told if the parathyroid a we’re damaged. I was a veteran then a military dependent. So my surgeries were done in different states. I was seventeen when I had my 1st surgery. Who knows what happened back in the day. That would be the late 70’s

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