Hello, ¬†anyone who just found this. I have Cowden’s Syndrome. In simple terms that is a muted gene that makes my chances high of developing cancer. I have had breast and colon cancer. I was born with an AVM. I have had many procedures to slow down the growth of the AMV. My AVM is the reason I have right side heart failure and pulmonary hypertension.

 Lots of things have been happing since I last wrote. I have been making doing more art. Someone bought a picture, a first for me. I make an effort not to let my illness keep me from living life. But after two broken ankles I have learned to go at my own pace.

Last week Dave said it is time for me to get a handicapped sticker. I know they are not hard to get. Kinda thought it would be nice to get one especially for doctors appointments downtown Cleveland. But I thought I was doing pretty good at hiding how much I was struggling, especially on stairs. For a long time I have been skipping the stairs. Why heart palpitations and hard to get my breath. Sometimes I have to stop three times on a long flight of unavoidable stairs. One time someone was behind me carrying a bike. So Friday I got a handicapped sticker good for five years. I know the new problem will start when I attempt to use it because I don’t look sick. Thats for another day.