My Art

Its cold in Ohio and I have been busy. The local Aquarius Art show opens February 1. The award reception is January 31 from 1 to 3 pm at our local library.

This year I was having a hard time figuring out what to submit. Everything I attempted just didn’t seem right.

I ended up going for what worked last year. Figure out something to submit that is fun to make and everything will come together.

The main thing for me is to be part of the show. Last year there were 126 pieces entered.

My pieces were there and looked good.

My brother shared some of our grandpa’s art while I was at his house for the wedding. I narrowed now the choice to two, and Ron gave me this one.

My guess is it’s the last big art project he completed. It’s a carved picture of a bear. Grandma Graves loved it. She had it in a place of honor.

Grandpa dated his pictures. This one was done in the late  60’s.


I think this was the last big art project my grandpa made.

I think this was the last big art project my grandpa made.


My first finished piece I named Grandpa’s bear. I would like to think Grandpa and Grandma Graves would really like

Grandpa's bear

Grandpa’s bear

Grandpa’s bear is a pastel. I had the frame and mat.

Dick's cat

Dick’s cat


My family laughs at me drawing a cat. I was taking pictures of the neighbors cat in hope to draw some of her beautiful flowers.

Dasher their cat came up to me, let me pet him. The poor cat was skin and bones. Two weeks later he died of lung cancer.

Dick’s cat is for all the pets we said good-by to last year. Is a pastel. I have yet to sell any picture. Dick’s cat could change that.



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