October art exhibit

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

When I first joined the art league the plan was to show some of my work in two shows.

The shows at the Medina Country club are theme shows. I picked the October show. They wanted pictures of Christmas or snow,

My first attempt was this Christmas tree. The three was from when my kids were little. I didn’t care for the package by the tree,

it wasn’t Christmas red.

Christmas tree with gold drapes

Christmas tree with gold drapes


My next attempt was a Christmas tree from when I was a kid. We always strung cranberries for the tree.

I started to make the skirt on the angel on the top of the tree but it turned into a star instead.

My house growing up was decorated with antiques. So my moms color choice for drapes was gold.

So I attempted snow. This is the golf course by my cousin’s house. My first attempt at pastel landscapes.

I like it better than the trees. So this is my picture for the October exhibit.

Massillon golf course

Massillon golf course


Broken toes and the fair


Believe it or not I am getting over breaking two toes. One on each foot.

I have broken toes before but not two and not on both feet. So I have had a painful time getting around.

During all of this I found a spot on the bottom of my foot that looks a lot like my AVM. Have not made the doctor’s appointment yet.

Our county fair was last week. We went early and listened to the free music. I had three pictures in the fair.

Two pastels and a watercolor. The watercolor of our backyard trees got third place. One pastel of Dave got second.

My other picture got first. So I did good.

I got 2nd place in the pastel other division

I got 2nd place in the pastel other division

The Band Perry played Thursday night. We had tickets. Good concert, next time we need seats farther back.

We looked at some our the animals. I took some good animal pictures for upcoming pictures.

Ron this is for you. This is the picture that got first in the non professional landscape division.

This picture took first in the pastel landscape division

This picture took first in the pastel landscape division

Class reunion

Obie the high school mascot

Obie the high school mascot

Well I can cross off class reunions from the bucket list.  No I’m not trying to be funny.

I went to my first high school class reunion ever.

It was a birthday party theme picnic style. At least it was free.

Back in high school I was the quiet one. Didn’t have lots of friends but the friends I had were good people.

After high school I finished cosmetology school and got my licenses. Then left for Navy boot camp. Found out I passé in boot camp.

My brother said class reunions are what you make them. My mother liked going to hers.

So I tried. I talked and I made an effort. People remembered me and came over to say hi.

But it was not fun.  But I tried. My daughter says she will not attend her class reunion till I go to mine.

Well Now she has to go.