Getting back on track

I have been attempting to get back on track after a really busy and stressful couple of weeks.

Boy do I really miss Daisy my 10  year old rescued boxer mixed dog. We put her to sleep right around Father’s Day.

We had birds stuck in the chimney at first I thought I heard her. I do not want a new dog. I want my old dog back.

During the summer I walked  with her and Dave. So I have joined our local rec. center to get the exercise I miss not having a dog.

The rec. center is having a summer fit contest, today is the first day. I joined.

It took longer than I would have liked to recuperate from the PH Conference.

The 4th of July is our anniversary so we had lots of things planned. Starting with a doctor’s appointment with the breast specialist.

I am back on the breast screenings every six months. March was my second breast MRI. During the appointment the question came up

about having an 85% chance of breast cancer. The doctor nodded and went on to talk about why six month screenings are done.

She talked about what could happen if I had breast cancer again in the left breast. Not a conversation I want to have again for a long time.

I have been making an effort to do things I enjoy and hopefully make a difference.

I have three pictures to enter in our local county fair. This is a first for me. All three pictures are not animals.

One is a watercolor. The Band Perry will be at the fair. We have tickets.

 I want to advocate for pulmonary hypertension. In my part of Ohio no one knows what PH is.

My family reunion is in July. I plan on attending a high school class reunion the first part of August.

That is  something I have never did. My daughter said she would go to hers when I go to mine.

So I can’t chicken out.



  1. Hi Tami – I wish I could have more fun goals. I’ve got to try to be more like you – make the goals and actually follow through with them. I just totally feel like my energy is zapped once all the “necessary” junk is done and like dishes, laundry and housework – you just keep repeating!

    So glad you were able to make it to the conference. I have a co-worker who has PH and has to work with it in her life to balance everything.

    Stuff like PH, Cowden’s, makes you really prioritize what’s important.

    I love your comment about your dogster – “I want my old dog back.” Ours goes on a 1 1/2 hour excursion each week for chemo that isn’t showing the results that she has seen in the past two years. I’m trying to not get teary as I write this.

    Keep enjoying the warmer temps – before you know it, we’ll be knee deep in snow again! And good luck at the Fair with your pics! Keep writing…

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