Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms.

I get yearly colonoscopies. Yes with a family history of colon cancer, my colon cancer and having polyps on top of polyps at my first colonoscopy that’s why.

After awhile you remember the nurses.

On Mothers Day I will be doing my colonoscopy prep. My colonoscopy is sometime Monday afternoon. My doctor doesn’t have morning appointments anymore.

Thats all right with me. The nurses call her the McGuire of polyps. NO they haven’t come up with anything better for the prep. I usually ask.

I don’t do anything with lightly in it. But other the years I have noticed you don’t have has much to drink as when I first started.

I’m still gathering my clear liquids. I like anything cold. My brother says eat less a couple of days before the prep.

My sister says make sure you use a straw. She talked about having candles and music in the bathroom.

Yes I will get through it. I keep thinking about the warm blanket right before they put you to sleep.

When You wake up there are pictures of my polyps to take home. Last year I had a fair prep with 27 polyps.

This I hope to have a good prep with more polyps removed.



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