My week

I had my pain management appointment this week. The doctor’s office called at least twice asking if all my records were in the system.

I have had major pain in my hip, knee, and pelvic area due to my large and growing AVM. The AVM I was born with. For at least the last eight years

I have had procedures to block arteries in hope to lessen my pain. I have had the same surgeon since 2007. The only thing she can now do is referral to pain management.

Well the pain management doctor was on time and seemed like he knew what he was doing. This doctor saw me less than five minutes.

He called some of my pain muscular, ordered physical therapy and gave me a higher dose of pain meds.

 I have an appointment next week. After a couple of days to think about everything,

I feel like he patted me on the head and sent me home. So I guess I just deal with it.

This week my scholarship got approved to attend the international conference. The conference is held every other year.

Dave was approved to attend to. So we are off to Indy at the end of June.



  1. Gosh, it sounds like so often we are just “patted on the head” and sent home. I’m so sorry you’re just on pain meds to manage the AVM. I must admit that I don’t know much about them, (thankfully) I don’t have any. Keep writing. Keep sharing. Keep going.

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