My dog is not feeling well. I have known this for a while. Next month we are going to the Ph conference.

Dave and I have been looking for a kennel to board Daisy.  We found one.

Now we do doubt she will be here to go.

Daisy we call her our kid, our kid who still lives at home. All the neighbors know her name.

The cats run when we are on a walk. The little old lady across the street sees us coming and brings her dog in.

Daisy she has made her mark around her. My award-winning picture is Daisy looking out the window.

Watching for Critters

Watching for Critters

Daisy my ten-year old boxer mix rescued dog has been to the doctor three times in the last month.

The first time we updated her shots, had some of her problems looked at. Daisy is a dog who goes on three walks a day.

She use to  love her walks. Now we walk about half the distance.

The next week she had an infection, went home with pills.

Monday night she had a hard time breathing. So Yesterday it was back to the doctor.

She took ex rays and found a large growing tumor on her stomach.

The x-ray showed a something on the spine to. So the kid has been in pain. She still has the fever.

Daisy got a shot, they drew blood. She went home with four pain pills. We had a better night.

Now we wait for the doctor to call. It doesn’t look good. She hasn’t moved from the spot she was in at 6:30 am.

Just found out Daisy has leukemia.


Everything is connected.

Everything is connected whether we realize it or not.

Last Friday I woke up at 4:18  in terrible  stomach pain. I was having bathroom problems. When I was able to go there was lots of pain and blood.

This went on fro a while. I kept thinking if I could make till 8 a.m. That way I would get a doctor’s appointment. Save the deductible

and not wait most of the morning in the emergency room. The more I waited the better I felt. So I got an afternoon appointment.

It wasn’t with my doctor by I head an appointment right before the weekend.

This doctor was not good with first impressions. He introduces himself, shakes hands and sits by the computer.

Before asking any questions the doctor raises a leg and passes gas. Then the appointment continues.

He ended up being really going at his job. He asked the right questions. I found out parathyroids problems can cause kidney  stones.

So I either had a urnatary tract infection or passed a kidney stone. The doctor said the only way to be sure about the kidney stone

would have been to come in right in the middle of the pain. Hopefully I will not have to use that information.

This morning I had a follow-up appointment with my endo doctor. The follow-up was for a high parathyroids and a low vitamin D.

Now my parathyroids had went down but not has much has he wanted it too. I get to stop taking the vitamin D. The levels are good,

and taking too much vitamin D can cause kidney stones. There is a possibility I could have a growth on the parathyroids.

So more blood tests and a kidney ultra sound.

We don’t need growths on anything anymore in the neck. Time will tell.

Colonoscopy was good, only 20 polyps this time. Last year was 27. My CEA level is 5.5  CEA is a blood test for colon cancer markers.

Mine has been and continues to be stable. Dave and I are attending the PHA International conference at Indy in June.

So things are good.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms.

I get yearly colonoscopies. Yes with a family history of colon cancer, my colon cancer and having polyps on top of polyps at my first colonoscopy that’s why.

After awhile you remember the nurses.

On Mothers Day I will be doing my colonoscopy prep. My colonoscopy is sometime Monday afternoon. My doctor doesn’t have morning appointments anymore.

Thats all right with me. The nurses call her the McGuire of polyps. NO they haven’t come up with anything better for the prep. I usually ask.

I don’t do anything with lightly in it. But other the years I have noticed you don’t have has much to drink as when I first started.

I’m still gathering my clear liquids. I like anything cold. My brother says eat less a couple of days before the prep.

My sister says make sure you use a straw. She talked about having candles and music in the bathroom.

Yes I will get through it. I keep thinking about the warm blanket right before they put you to sleep.

When You wake up there are pictures of my polyps to take home. Last year I had a fair prep with 27 polyps.

This I hope to have a good prep with more polyps removed.

My week

I had my pain management appointment this week. The doctor’s office called at least twice asking if all my records were in the system.

I have had major pain in my hip, knee, and pelvic area due to my large and growing AVM. The AVM I was born with. For at least the last eight years

I have had procedures to block arteries in hope to lessen my pain. I have had the same surgeon since 2007. The only thing she can now do is referral to pain management.

Well the pain management doctor was on time and seemed like he knew what he was doing. This doctor saw me less than five minutes.

He called some of my pain muscular, ordered physical therapy and gave me a higher dose of pain meds.

 I have an appointment next week. After a couple of days to think about everything,

I feel like he patted me on the head and sent me home. So I guess I just deal with it.

This week my scholarship got approved to attend the international conference. The conference is held every other year.

Dave was approved to attend to. So we are off to Indy at the end of June.