Anyone who reads this blog knows part of my Cowden’s syndrome is a very large AVM. The AVM started in my pelvis area.

It has gotten very big over the years. For a long time I was able to get the arteries worked on . My surgeon is no longer able to do anything for me.

She gave me prescriptions and referred me to pain management appointment is May 1. Who knows what they will attempt or if it will work.

Lately I have attempted to put more effort in doing things that make me feel better.

Right now I attempt to stay ahead of the pain with my current meds. I also spend as little time at the chair on the computer.

Who knows what it is about that chair but it is painful to sit in it and painful to get up. Most of the time my left leg is numb before I finish.

I also see the oncologist the beginning of May. He should go over the scan results again. It depends on when you start counting but I am really close

to the five-year mark with no recurrence.

We are hoping to get the scholarship to attend the PH Association at Indy the end of June. They pick the last applications at the end of the month.

George W Bush and I have the same style of painting. I send him an email of my prize winning dog picture and got an answer back today.

If anyone is interred Google George Bush paintings. He is currently having a one man show at his library.

I also have my colonoscopy coming up. Last week I bought the prep, hid it in the pantry and am attempting to forget.

True to form I am having symptoms again. This happens every year right before the scope.

I say a u tube video about different things to do while prepping . One suggestion was to paint your toes.

I can’t remember the last time I did that. So along with buying the jello, pop cycles and broth I plan on getting some nail polish.

Some of the over ideas sound a little to young for me. But who knows!



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