Appointments start again

It’s still really cold in Ohio. Colder than when I lived in Alaska.

So I have had plenty of time to work on my art.

This past Monday was the Medina County Art League meeting. The demonstration was really good. Someone did oil portraits.

Saturday afternoon I get to pick up my pictures from the art show.

Tuesday my pictures are in the gallery at our local bank for two months. So far I have a dog theme going.

Right now I am finishing up the last picture.

I have way too many appointments coming up. One week has three appointments on three different days.

At least I didn’t have to go out in the cold that much. I still have neuropathy¬†in my feet from chemo in 2009.

The pain gets worse the colder it gets. The cold effects my AVM too. My hands get cold enough at night to put on gloves while watching tv.

That reminds me of my grandma. I have PAH to thank for that.

I have a five year colon ct screening on March 11.

My colonoscopy is scheduled for May. At the beginning of every year I have bowel issues. The GI usually reminds me of my many issues and we talk after the scope.

The scope takes care of the issues. So I am looking forward to May.



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