Art Show Pictures

For about a year now I have been slowly getting back into art. This past September I joined the county art league.

Every year the art league has the Aquarius Exhibition. Each member can show two paintings. The show is at the main branch of our local library.

I had not been in an art show since high school.

Last weekend was the reception for the Aquarius Exhibition.

This weekend we took the camera back to the library.

Martha hanging in the exhibit

Martha hanging in the exhibit

After lots of thought we framed the dog pictures. Martha was Dave’s sheepdog. She ruled the house and my kids loved her.

Martha was 17 when she passed. Even has she lost her sight she still had her spunk.

Daisy is our dog. She is a boxer mix rescued from the local shelter.

The back side of our house has big windows. Daisy loves to watch for all the animals that make it to our back yard.

Yes I  won Best in Show!!! Still in shock. This is a pastel. I used my Christmas present, softer pastels  to finish it.

The judge said it spoke to her.

Watching for Critters

Watching for Critters

The Aquarius  Exhibition will be up the month of February.


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