I’m still in shock

I joined the Medina County Art League. So far I have only been to one meeting and the fall workshop.

ITs mostly ladies who are really good at what they do. Every February anyone who is a member can put two pieces  in the art show.

The show is on the third floor of the county’s main library.

My goal was to show two pieces enjoy the show, not spent lots of money on framing and see what I can do for next year.

This past Tuesday was time to turn in the pieces. My first piece was really easy. I had done a pastel of our sheepdog mix Martha.

She was covered in hair, her eyes looked good.

Martha pastel

Martha pastel

I liked the expression on her face. Not to bad of a picture.

Dave likes the Martha picture. So far so good.

I ended up doing a pastel of Daisy our current dog. She is a rescued Boxer mix. Our front room has lots of windows.

Daisy’s favorite thing is to look outside for anything to bark at. We have had anything from 8 deer at one time to cats and skunks.

I used an older picture of Daisy and my new Christmas pastels. This was the third time I drew her by the window, but the first time in pastels.

Part of turning in the pictures was setting a price for them. I had no idea.

So I turn in my pictures ten minutes short of the deadline. Thinking that they will be hidden somewhere in the middle of this great art.

We get to the show. The place looks great. The boxer mix picture is the first one we find. It looks really good, has a tag beside it with my name spelled right,

and the title of the picture. Same thing with the picture of Martha the sheepdog. Even the refreshments were good.

I found a seat, talked a little and the awards started. Friday night someone call and suggested I come to the awards.

Now I was coming anyway. It was really nice to invite family and friends to this instead of telling them my latest health update.

There were four honorable mention awards. You get a small check and a nice ribbon. That sounded really good. A whole lot more than I even expected.

But  I didn’t get an honorable mention. The president went through third place, second place and first place.

These people are really good. I have seen their work at summer art shows. The second place winner is giving a demonstration in May at her studio.

I am really looking forward to going.

I had been kidding Dave that the president needed people for the clean up afterwards. We should pack the broom.

Right before the best in show was announced the president read the judges requirements for awards. She had five different requirements.

Her main requirement good media technique and the picture to speak to her.

So….I WON BEST IN SHOW. I’m still in shock. My last art show I entered was high school.

I got a pretty ribbon and a cash award. Who knew. Someone took pictures of my shocked face.

I have no picture of Waiting for Critters, the title of my picture. Just wanted to get it to the show.

I will post Waiting for Critters soon.



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