Appointments start again

It’s still really cold in Ohio. Colder than when I lived in Alaska.

So I have had plenty of time to work on my art.

This past Monday was the Medina County Art League meeting. The demonstration was really good. Someone did oil portraits.

Saturday afternoon I get to pick up my pictures from the art show.

Tuesday my pictures are in the gallery at our local bank for two months. So far I have a dog theme going.

Right now I am finishing up the last picture.

I have way too many appointments coming up. One week has three appointments on three different days.

At least I didn’t have to go out in the cold that much. I still have neuropathy in my feet from chemo in 2009.

The pain gets worse the colder it gets. The cold effects my AVM too. My hands get cold enough at night to put on gloves while watching tv.

That reminds me of my grandma. I have PAH to thank for that.

I have a five year colon ct screening on March 11.

My colonoscopy is scheduled for May. At the beginning of every year I have bowel issues. The GI usually reminds me of my many issues and we talk after the scope.

The scope takes care of the issues. So I am looking forward to May.


February Appointment

IMG_0161Our Weather  has been really bad. So far kids in my school district have had nine days off because of bad weather.

This sounds old but I don’t remember getting that much time off. This winter we had lots of snow and temperatures below zero.

Kids were out of school for at least two days in a row right after Christmas.

Today we have wind enough wind to have high wind warnings till tomorrow.

I have stayed inside most of the time. When it’s that cold the PAH makes it hard to breathe, my arm throbs, and I can not feel the bottoms of my feet gets worse.

That is left over from chemo. That gives me lots of time to work on my art.

However the reason I have only had two doctors appointments this year. My last appointment was the lung doctor.

My cough is back. She did blood tests and scheduled other pulmonary tests for June.

Dr F talked about the research. They are studying changes in BMP pathways. Some genes result in vascular disease and some genes result in colon polyps.

I have both, PAH and lots of colon polyps, along with Cowden’s Syndrome.

So after talking more with the doctor I am part of another research study. Like the last couple of studies all they want from me is my blood.

Then I am finished. I will not know the results of the study or if my blood helped. That is all right with me.

I do remember my dad taking part in research during his colon cancer in the 70’s.

My sister is in a couple of studies, one for American Cancer Society and one studying the sister who did not get breast cancer.

So it’s a family thing.

We had an escort waiting to escort us to the lab. Once at the lab he waited in line for me.

Another doctor talked to Dave and I till they called our name. She talked more about the study.

I asked why only three tubes and not enough  stickers were on the table.

The lab tech only had three tubes waiting and there was no bag for the study blood. I handed him the paper I was given, he went and asked the doctor.

He needed my paper and five bigger tubes for the study blood.  So he drew the blood walked out with me and gave the blood to the doctor.

She thanked us again and made sure we knew the way out. Another appointment finished.

Art Show Pictures

For about a year now I have been slowly getting back into art. This past September I joined the county art league.

Every year the art league has the Aquarius Exhibition. Each member can show two paintings. The show is at the main branch of our local library.

I had not been in an art show since high school.

Last weekend was the reception for the Aquarius Exhibition.

This weekend we took the camera back to the library.

Martha hanging in the exhibit

Martha hanging in the exhibit

After lots of thought we framed the dog pictures. Martha was Dave’s sheepdog. She ruled the house and my kids loved her.

Martha was 17 when she passed. Even has she lost her sight she still had her spunk.

Daisy is our dog. She is a boxer mix rescued from the local shelter.

The back side of our house has big windows. Daisy loves to watch for all the animals that make it to our back yard.

Yes I  won Best in Show!!! Still in shock. This is a pastel. I used my Christmas present, softer pastels  to finish it.

The judge said it spoke to her.

Watching for Critters

Watching for Critters

The Aquarius  Exhibition will be up the month of February.

I’m still in shock

I joined the Medina County Art League. So far I have only been to one meeting and the fall workshop.

ITs mostly ladies who are really good at what they do. Every February anyone who is a member can put two pieces  in the art show.

The show is on the third floor of the county’s main library.

My goal was to show two pieces enjoy the show, not spent lots of money on framing and see what I can do for next year.

This past Tuesday was time to turn in the pieces. My first piece was really easy. I had done a pastel of our sheepdog mix Martha.

She was covered in hair, her eyes looked good.

Martha pastel

Martha pastel

I liked the expression on her face. Not to bad of a picture.

Dave likes the Martha picture. So far so good.

I ended up doing a pastel of Daisy our current dog. She is a rescued Boxer mix. Our front room has lots of windows.

Daisy’s favorite thing is to look outside for anything to bark at. We have had anything from 8 deer at one time to cats and skunks.

I used an older picture of Daisy and my new Christmas pastels. This was the third time I drew her by the window, but the first time in pastels.

Part of turning in the pictures was setting a price for them. I had no idea.

So I turn in my pictures ten minutes short of the deadline. Thinking that they will be hidden somewhere in the middle of this great art.

We get to the show. The place looks great. The boxer mix picture is the first one we find. It looks really good, has a tag beside it with my name spelled right,

and the title of the picture. Same thing with the picture of Martha the sheepdog. Even the refreshments were good.

I found a seat, talked a little and the awards started. Friday night someone call and suggested I come to the awards.

Now I was coming anyway. It was really nice to invite family and friends to this instead of telling them my latest health update.

There were four honorable mention awards. You get a small check and a nice ribbon. That sounded really good. A whole lot more than I even expected.

But  I didn’t get an honorable mention. The president went through third place, second place and first place.

These people are really good. I have seen their work at summer art shows. The second place winner is giving a demonstration in May at her studio.

I am really looking forward to going.

I had been kidding Dave that the president needed people for the clean up afterwards. We should pack the broom.

Right before the best in show was announced the president read the judges requirements for awards. She had five different requirements.

Her main requirement good media technique and the picture to speak to her.

So….I WON BEST IN SHOW. I’m still in shock. My last art show I entered was high school.

I got a pretty ribbon and a cash award. Who knew. Someone took pictures of my shocked face.

I have no picture of Waiting for Critters, the title of my picture. Just wanted to get it to the show.

I will post Waiting for Critters soon.