Don’t Get Mad Educate

After awhile I realized a comment I got is another good topic for a blog post. So….

Why did I start this blog?  Do I have way to much free time? Am I obsessed with my health?

I started the blog after some on-line people with Cowden’s Syndrome convinced me they were interested in my story.

 Cowden’s Syndrome means I have a muted P Ten gene. That gives me a higher chance of getting many different kinds of cancer.

If you are interested in the dictionary definition of Cowden’s Syndrome, please look it up.

People with CS have an 85% lifetime chance of getting breast cancer. At 42 I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. This was my first mammogram.

My sister looked shocked and really scared. I still remember her asking where did this come from?  Currently I rotate between breast MRI’s and mammograms.

This past October I had a breast biopsy because of radiation issues.

Most people with CS have thyroid issues. That can be anything from nodules on the thyroid to thyroid cancer. I have had way to many thyroid issues.

They began in the 70’s when I was 17 and my favorite choker didn’t fit.

1 in 200,000 people have Cowden’s Syndrome. Of those 200,00 eight percent will get colon cancer. You got I’m in that eight percent. My colon cancer was hereditary.

For me it meant surgery, chemo and a major chance in the way I eat. I am really close to my being NED for five years.

This doesn’t include the doctor check ups for my AVM. It’s really big and painful. Heaven help you if an issues comes up and you forget about a doctor check up.

When the first thing is taken care of the second turns into your next issue.

There are the little things two. Most hats don’t fit. I stare at anyone with a really cute hat. Especially in Cleveland weather.

Dyslexia is something you never out grow. Over the years I have gotten really good at hiding it. I don’t do math after 8 pm.

You would want to read a blog I wrote if I was really tired.  Can’t forget my trick to tell right from left, or where a stamp goes on the envelope.

I have a good life. Two of my pictures are in our library exhibit this month. They look pretty good.

Do Not Get Mad Educate!



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