Everything is connected

Maintaining good health needs to be a priority for everyone. Most things seem to be different for me. Healthy eating started back in 2008.

My clothes were getting tighter, I had a shirt I never wore that I really liked and I could get it over my head. Looking back I felt really bad and Dave’s insurance offered a rebate if we tried Weight Watchers.

So to my surprise Dave wanted to join to. We went to meeting changed our eating habits and lost about 50 pounds each.

Ya I lost weight, felt better but have not counted a point. I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat has much and lost weight. In November of 2008 I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.

So my health, eating habits and cancer diagnosed are connected.

Part of our healthy changes were eating a low salt low fast diet. Who knew tomato sauce is full of salt. Not to long a go there wasn’t food in my house if I didn’t have

spaghetti sauce and ketchup. Not any more. Now I have three kinds of mustard. We marinade chicken in anything from spices and lemon juice to honey and mustard.

Fried food doesn’t taste good, it upsets my stomach. I look for recipes that have less than  500 mill of salt.

We made an effort to continue to try new dishes. Since the first of the year we have found new Weight Watchers crock pot dishes that we love.

I have kept the 50 pounds off. Last weekend I tried on a pair of skinny jeans. They looked fit. So I’m wearing my new skinny jeans to the art show at the beginning of February.

Eating and health are connected.

I still like the Cleveland Browns. Yes I lived on the west coast when they had a winning season. But I like the Browns. Yesterday the big news around here was the Browns

new head coach Mike Pettine. He was the former defensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills. The 2014 football has to be better than last year.

I love the Cleveland Indians too. The family goes to at least one game a year. My brother’s family came from Tennessee and watched the Indians win.

Any sports event in Cleveland involves lots of walking. One of my issues is pulmonary hypertension. For me that means I have to stop and catch my breath going up the steps.

At the Indians game our seats were at the very top. So I think I had to stop twice. We even went to the Q and saw LaBron James play basketball.

Time with family,enjoying sports, lots of walking and health are all connected.

I love to try new dishes. I’m over 50 and own a pair of skinny jeans. My art is going to look really good up in the library show next month.

At my last appointment my heart doctor said he is very surprised I am still around with all my issues. Dave says my job is to stay to keep doing what I’m doing.

Everything is connected. Thank you to the person who inspired this post. I had no idea what to write about.


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