Weekend Shopping

It been another cold weekend in northeastern Ohio. Dave and I went shopping in Wooster yesterday. We came home to three bean chili in the crock pot.

Who knew Wooster still had great clearance sales.

I have never been much of a  shopper. But anytime Dave is willing to look  for him too. I’m there. He got a great deal on a shirt he’s wanted since November.

Still have to thank the customer service person who helped him. He got his size and the same low price the store had with free shipping. Thanks Kyra!

One of our stops was a local craft store. There is no turning back now. We bought two frames, two wire hanger kits and spacers.

All this is for the Aquarius Exhibition at Medina County Library. The exhibition opens Friday January 31.

There is an open reception February 1 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm with awards announced at 2:00 pm.

 I’ll be doing lots of clapping for the winners. Any one who is a member of the county art league can enter two pictures.

I decided on entering two of my dog pictures. One is Martha the sheepdog. The other is Daisy our boxer mix dog. She is at the window with her head turned.

Daisy spends a good portion of her day looking outside. Last month we had three deer in the back yard.

I have been in two art shows and the first one probably wouldn’t count. I was probably seven in second grade. My mom saved her cast.

I remember one side of the cast I painted a little kid hand traced turkey. I think there was one winner and the rest of us got second place.

The other show was a culture festival. My art teacher required everyone to submit something. That was 1975 and I was probably 15.

I have been and still am quiet. D an art teacher last year talked me into joining and displaying my pictures. So here goes nothing.

There is an honorable mention and a peoples choice award. Who know? I will get at least two votes. Stay tuned.


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