Technology problems

We are having technology issues.  I attempted to return an email from my new I pad. That email never made it out of my outbox.

After talking to our internet provider they did all they could do and suggested we contact Apple.

So we talked with Apple and thought we had the problem taken care of. Nope!!! I tried to send that email again and it STILL didn’t work.

So Yes I still remember you!!(medical student I met while in the hospital March of 2013) Glad to hear you graduated and are back in Cleveland.

Any help I can give you to get it published I will.

The camera was acting up too. Dave took couple of pictures of my for the hereditary Colon Cancer Syndrome video. I will know tomorrow if the pictures turned out.

So Dave took a picture of me with just the basic information. I am a survivor of breast and colon cancer. I also have Cowden’s Syndrome. My paper was not big enough

for everything I wanted to say.  Like I knew my family history. My dad passed away before 50 of colon cancer. Colonoscopies help save lives.

The prep is not pleasant but neither is chemo or radiation. I had my right colon removed. That means at times I have digestive issues.

Colon Cancer can happen to anyone, it’s not an old people’s disease.

Disney picture

Disney picture

Rare Disease Day is February 28 2014. More updates on the hereditary Colon Cancer Syndrome Video.



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