One Cold Week

Warmer days

Warmer days

Boy oh boy has it been cold! The last time I looked we were in the middle of a heat wave at 29.

Tonight I have plans to uncover my car and get groceries.  Target and Wal-Mart here we come.

Daisy needs dog food and Target has the best prices. The list is close to done. This weekend I am attempting to make sausage and peppers that go over spaghetti.

I found the recipe in my newest Weight Watcher cook book. Trying new recipes is something I want to do for the new year.

 I wanted to do this year was in my own small way advocate more. So I looked into turning the Cleveland Tower blue sometime time in March.

March is colon rectal awareness month. They wanted two professional signs. That I do not have. I do have the opportunity to be in a video about hereditary colon cancer.

It would be me holding a paper about Cowden’s Syndrome, and colon cancer. My new internet friend talks about defying your genes.

I had the information about my genes but did not use it.

Maybe its the really cold weather, or maybe  it’s really close to a year since my last procedure, I have been in a lot of pain.

For the last couple of months I have been trying to stay ahead of the pain. But like anyone with an AVM will tell you it throbs, lately its throbs really bad.

Two nights ago it was so bad I had trouble getting to sleep. Last night was a lot better. The temperature was above zero and I was really tired from the night before.

My thyroid medicine was getting really low. So I got out my new prescription. That prescription was the wrong dosage. I was suppose to continue on the same dose. So yesterday

morning after not sleeping well I talked to the nurse on call. After the wait on hold and ten minutes of explaining she finally understood. Thyroid doctors office called this morning.

They sent in a new prescription. I just got off the phone talking with another nurse about getting a new prescription for my pain medicine. My pain medicine is a non narcotic low dose med.

Over the counter pain meds do not help any more.

Ss what do I start drawing last night some of my medicine bottles. I got out the watercolors this afternoon. I’m not finished but so far they look pretty good.

Its kind of funny what lots of pain and cold weather will inspire me to draw.


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