Way to many times


Television (Photo credit: paul.kenjerski)

A combination of things moved me to blog this. I liked hopeforheather.wordpress last post. Check it out, very good read.

My mother was a nurse. My brother, sister and I grew up hearing all kinds of stories she told about work. She use to stress Always wash your feet before going to the GYN, and

I am  late and need help finding my nursing scissors.

Hospital admissions or procedures way to many time.

If I don’t try and laugh Dave gets upset. So thats my why I try and laugh about this, And….

It doesn’t matter what you call it I have spent way to much time in a hospital. My vascular surgeon asked us to use her first name.

At that time she had done procedures for three years. I get colonoscopies every year and know my GI doctors schedule. Doing the prep on Sunday works best for me.

I like a Monday scope. If I’m real lucky I get to go first. Last year I was last and had to wait.

Dave and I have done it so many times, Its kind of sad. Everything from what to wear to the hospital, too I take my shower while Dave heats breakfast.

He has a hard time eating in front of me. Cleveland Clinic has two places you can be assigned to check into for a procedure. We like one better than the other.

My family says they are kept better informed at one place.

I like one place because the team that’s puts you to sleep is not intimidated with all of my health issues.

That area seems to be less of a wait. After you have changed clothes, IV is in, family gets to come back for a while.

Sometimes getting the IV in is a problem. I know the first name of the nurse who does the hard sticks.

Then they come for you.

Family says good-bye, and you are taken to holding area number one. (That is  what I call ).

Who knows how long you will be in holding area number one. If you are luck there is a TV.

Now the TV is for the entire room. I can see very little without my glasses, so I get to hear the TV. If its your lucky day they call your name quickly.

Heaven help you if you need to use the bathroom. Your IV ( usually not on wheels) has to go to. I can’t see two feet in front of me, and all you have on is hospital pjs.

The trick is to make it to the bathroom and to your bed with our flashing anyone.

There can be a second holding area. But that usually goes fast. The nurses talk while they wheel you in the room and get everything in place.

There is always talk about how I am getting put to sleep. My last hospital stay the breast biopsy I  was very surprised.

After everything is finished and I am awake is a blog for another day.


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