Mustard (Photo credit: Mr Noded)

My list of what I hope to accomplish in 2014.

1. Have fun on vacation.

I was in the hospital twice this year. That’s  not the same thing.

Dave and I went to a couple of Cleveland Indians games.

We saw Wicked in December.

So it’s not have any fun.

2. Feel good enough to exercise again.

We live next door to our local recreation center. I do walk the dog when the weather is good. So yes I do exercise just not like I use to.

This year I will get a bathing suit and attempt to go swimming. I still have neuropathy in my feet from chemo.

3. Appreciated the time in between doctors appointments.

Right now I do not have a doctor’s appointment in January. Colonoscopy is due in May. See the Lung doctor in February, skin doctor in Feb. You know the drill.

4. Continue cooking new things.

Last week we tried Crunchy Chicken Fingers on  page 114 of the current Weight Watchers magazine. It was really cook, quick easy and leftovers taste cook too.

Looking forward to trying Mini-meat loaf Parmigiana on page 114 of Weight Watchers current magazine.

5. Make sure I have two pictures ready for the art league display at the library. I just put away my Christmas pastels.

I think I over did it on a dog picture. I have to start somewhere.

You know the drill it never ends.

6. Continue to advocate in my own way. Last March I wrote a letter to our local free paper about colonoscopies.

The paper didn’t print my letter. We had major issues with our school board as the top breaking news. The school board problems continue.

But I will send my letter again. I have wanted to do Call on Congress in March to advocate for colon rectal cancer. Last year I was in the hospital.

7. I hope this is the year I meet someone in person with Cowden’s Syndrome. It would be great to have lunch and talk face to face with someone who understands.

A couple of years a go I attended a colon rectal  hereditary cancer educational event. The speakers were informative and educational.

I met other young cancer survivors whose cancer is hereditary, but know one with Cowden’s Syndrome.

One of the give aways was a blue ball cap with green lettering, Cleveland Clinic logo colors. Dave still wears his. Mine did not fit. HA!

8. I have become the family picture taker. I look for different, not posed photos. Hopefully my pictures will continue to get better.

9. Be thankful in everything big  or small.  I am going to miss the snow on the blog. Thanks for everyone reading this.



  1. This is great! I love this post. Wouldn’t it be amazing to meet in person? You, me, beatingcowdens, sportytwinmom, and anyone else who has Cowden’s Syndrome? I wish there was a way that we could all meet at the Global Genes Gala next year.

  2. You can reach all of your goals gor 2014. I suggest also planning for future goals so you do not have to use 2014 as a means of creating goals. Get in a bathing suit and swim. Enjoy it! I know that having rectal cancer can be problematic but take it as I do: Just continue to movr forward without always thinking about your health. With the exception of eating healthy.

    • One of the reasons I started blogging was to get the word out about hereditary colon cancer. Mine is Cowden”s Syndrome syndrome.I have yet to find anyone els with CS who had colon cancer. Having CS I have a higher risk of getting other cancers. I had breast cancer in 2002. CS brings lots of health issues with means lots of doctors appointments. I blog about my health in hope to help others. I have 2 guest blogs at pulmonaryhypertensionplus.com These blogs are about my weight loss, better eating habits and how I have kept the weight off since 2008 and having breast cancer and pulmonary hypertension. I am the Sept 30 2013 post. I have gotten back into my art. Good luck with your up coming chemo. I did 9 of the 12 rounds of chemo for colon cancer, did not lose my hair, and still deal with over issues. The colon club is a great site for support.

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