Guess what I saw?

Angiogram Image of AVM

Angiogram Image of AVM (Photo credit: Eric Gilliland)

Last week I look up the summary of my visit to the heart doctor.

It was a check up. I had questions I wanted answered. The visit went very well.

He said I am the same, no better no worse, as far as my heart goes. My heart failure is cause from the massive AVM.

My AVM is part of Cowden’s Syndrome. I have had the AVM since birth. It started in the hip and pelvis area and was not a problem till my early twenties.

This past year my vascular surgeon gave me pictures of my AVM. Its extra-large and now goes to my right knee.

Ok , I did find out some new stuff. I was not supposed to make it a year in 2007. So the fact  I’m still here is a surprise to most doctors.

Didn’t realize that. We now have access to some of the doctors notes through  on-line my chart. I saw a list of all my medical problems.

Pulmonary hypertension is first, followed by right side heart failure. Part of the notes were about my  medical disability. First time I had seen it written.

Even though I have been on disability for a while it was still hard to see. It took some time, but I know it’s for the best.



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