Christmas Eve

A big thanks to everyone who reads this. I am waiting for Christmas Eve company while waiting for some glue to dry.

One of the things I read was to post something every day.

Cover of "The Bucket List"

Cover of The Bucket List

So here goes…Its Christmas Eve and I was invited to my son’s house. My son is 30.

He started his own company repairing roofs Hammer Down Construction.

That is a small thing on my bucket list. Go to my kids

home for any holiday. Who knows if I will make it but it was really nice to be asked.

Dave had an eye appointment this morning. Everything went very well. He seemed less stressed.

Yesterday the my  doctor finally called me back. All of my thyroid tests were normal. Just continue with my thyroid medicine.

My vitamin D is now in normal too. I have to continue taking the large amount of vitamin D. My return appointment is in May.

Merry Christmas Eve.



  1. Everyone around me is having their vitamin D checked now – I’m thinking its the latest doctor-thing around here. Mine was massively low, but since I’ve said something, others around me have said the same thing. We are creditting it to the fabulous Chicagoland lack of sunshine – or sun only now when it’s 1 degree! Taking 2000 D3 per day now. My lackluster parathyroids are hanging in there with calcium and calcitriol at 8.3 which is like, perfect for me. Tam – blog a little everyday (easy for me to say, I just sometime comment!)

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