Kitchen items

 The days are getting shorter. Its cold.We still have snow. That is what you can expect for December in Ohio.

Christmas is right around the corner. Sketchbook one of the blogs posts drawings she did of things around her home.

I like what she draws. The more practice I get the better painter I can become.

Our local art league has a showing at the library. All paid members are able to show two pictures.

Hopefully with more practice I will have better looking pictures.



Apples around here were really good this year. I made two batches of apple cranberry sauce. Apples are a favorite part of Dave’s lunch. I ended up putting them in his lunch before finishing.

Not to bad for a first attempt.



  1. Since Weight Watchers we have lots of bananas at home. It’s a rare thing I have to throw any away. I used one set of three bananas to start and finished up with another set of bananas.

When using food for tomorrows lunch I have to paint faster.



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