My para thyroid issues while living in Alaska

Most of the Cowden’s Syndrome peeps I have met on-line have had or continue to go through thyroid problems. So my on-line CS friend this is for you.

This is about my para thyroid. It happened a long time ago. Twitter is not the same. Hopefully it will help you and others.

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Long before  Cowden’s Syndrome, I had para thyroid problems.  My calcium levels were really high. Around this time I was a stay at home mom

of two preschoolers. My ex was in the Coast Guard stationed on a boat. Looking back I was really young.

I remember having lots of tests. My thyroid doctor told me I needed to have my para thyroid removed. They were not sure how many would be taken out.

He ended up removing 2 and a third glands. One gland the doctor could not find. While in surgery another goiter was removed from my thyroid.

My mom said they should have put a zipper on my thyroid.

Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan, Alaska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 The Coast Guard transferred us to Ketchikan Alaska from 1989 till the first part of 1993.  At that time Alaska was concerned  overseas duty. I had to pass an interview

with my x’s commanding officer before me and the kids were able to go to. The communing officer told me some of what to expect in Alaska.

One of the things he was concerned about was family medical issues. If we had any medical emergencies Alaska is a hard place to get treatment. After lots of planning we all made it to Alaska.

The commanding officer said I would really hate Alaska or really love Alaska. I loved Alaska. We had good friends.

Found a great church, got to know some good people. The fishing was great.

The Coast Guard wives were nice to. My kids were now some of the older kids.

It was the first Easter we were in Alaska, not sure if Easter was in March or April that year. Most days I woke put and didn’t feel good.

It felt like I had slept wrong, started with a cramp in the back. By the end of the day I was fine. But two days later the cramp in the back was back.

It was a bigger cramp and this time my arm tingled too.  The cramps and tingling got worse. Then the tingling went to my feet. I couldn’t drive.

We lived close enough to walk to church. So off I go walking to pick my kids up from church. My hold body tingling, a foot turns inward and I trip attempting to walk dow the hill.

The kids did home school I felt to sick to teach. I attempted to see a doctor, but the x was way to busy to take me. Right before he left for  a two-week deployment,

everything tingled except my lips. I was mad and felt really bad. This was the old-time I ever took ice cream in the bathroom, ran a bath got in and ate my ice cream.

For some reason I felt a little better.

The next morning my x left for two weeks. When I got up I bought I was having a stroke. Everything was still tingling,some parts of my body were numb

but now I could not understand myself when I called the kids. Both of them were scared. We got dress and called everyone we knew.

I needed to go to the Emergency Room. My son was right in the middle of calling 911 and a friend pulled in.

At the emergency room my whole body was tingling everything except my lips. When I spoke I slurred my words, didn’t sound good.

Because of the tingling I made a real mess of signing the hospital papers. The ER staff were very nice but had no idea what was wrong.

I kept telling them I love Alaska I am not depressed. After lots of blood test and someone bringing  my Coast Guard medical record, they told me I had really

low calcium. I would be in the hospital for two maybe three days getting IV’s. How low did it go? Who knows. It was a long time ago I felt better and never wanted to have my kids that scared.

I left the hospital having to take calcium, and being put on thyroid for the first time.


Alaska (Photo credit: blmiers2)

My mother the nurse said muscles need calcium to move and I was losing mine. It had gotten so bad my  tongue lost calcium.

The doctor said having ice cream in the bath tub helped because of the calcium.

I am currently having para thyroid problems. I see the doctor next Monday. So my issues continue. But I am older and wiser.



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