My Thanksgiving



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Description unavailable (Photo credit: James “Tre” Hayes)



I spent Thanksgiving at my sister’s house. It’s about a two-hour drive. Her kids were home and her brothers in law were there. So she had a full house.


The food was good. My grandma’s famous soda cracker pie was made. Along with lots of pies. My brother-in-law and his brother clean up after dinner.


I got to skip the football this year. There was a box of pictures my sister had that we went through. The best find was my mom in the driveway on a Harley.


I remember hearing all about the outfit she wore riding. There was talk at the dinner table about road trips, so the picture fit right in to the conversation.


The look on my nephew’s face was priceless.


I am thankful for lots of things. Everyone helped with the meal. We sent a gift card for ham. My sister, and family did the turkey and potatoes.


The brother in-laws brought food, set out food and helped clean up. 


My brother and sister-in-law spent Thanksgiving camping. They posted pictures of camping with the tv beside the campfire. 


Really good picture. He looked cold. 





Wicked (musical album)

Wicked (musical album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week Dave and I are seeing Wicked. We have not been to a play in a long time.


I wanted to do something different for Christmas.


My next doctors appointment is not till December 12. It’s the breast specialist. Haven’t seen her in a while. The computers were down when I got the results from the breast biopsy.


She should give us a copy. Then the thyroid doctor, heart doctor, and lung doctor. It’s nice to have a short break. 




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