Mustard (Photo credit: Mr Noded)

My list of what I hope to accomplish in 2014.

1. Have fun on vacation.

I was in the hospital twice this year. That’s  not the same thing.

Dave and I went to a couple of Cleveland Indians games.

We saw Wicked in December.

So it’s not have any fun.

2. Feel good enough to exercise again.

We live next door to our local recreation center. I do walk the dog when the weather is good. So yes I do exercise just not like I use to.

This year I will get a bathing suit and attempt to go swimming. I still have neuropathy in my feet from chemo.

3. Appreciated the time in between doctors appointments.

Right now I do not have a doctor’s appointment in January. Colonoscopy is due in May. See the Lung doctor in February, skin doctor in Feb. You know the drill.

4. Continue cooking new things.

Last week we tried Crunchy Chicken Fingers on  page 114 of the current Weight Watchers magazine. It was really cook, quick easy and leftovers taste cook too.

Looking forward to trying Mini-meat loaf Parmigiana on page 114 of Weight Watchers current magazine.

5. Make sure I have two pictures ready for the art league display at the library. I just put away my Christmas pastels.

I think I over did it on a dog picture. I have to start somewhere.

You know the drill it never ends.

6. Continue to advocate in my own way. Last March I wrote a letter to our local free paper about colonoscopies.

The paper didn’t print my letter. We had major issues with our school board as the top breaking news. The school board problems continue.

But I will send my letter again. I have wanted to do Call on Congress in March to advocate for colon rectal cancer. Last year I was in the hospital.

7. I hope this is the year I meet someone in person with Cowden’s Syndrome. It would be great to have lunch and talk face to face with someone who understands.

A couple of years a go I attended a colon rectal  hereditary cancer educational event. The speakers were informative and educational.

I met other young cancer survivors whose cancer is hereditary, but know one with Cowden’s Syndrome.

One of the give aways was a blue ball cap with green lettering, Cleveland Clinic logo colors. Dave still wears his. Mine did not fit. HA!

8. I have become the family picture taker. I look for different, not posed photos. Hopefully my pictures will continue to get better.

9. Be thankful in everything big  or small.  I am going to miss the snow on the blog. Thanks for everyone reading this.


Putting things away

The Christmas decorations are down, thanks Dave.  Because of the steps, it would have taken me a couple of days.P

An antique feather tree, purchased via ebay.

An antique feather tree, purchased via ebay. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Everything is put away except our fake Christmas tree.  I have now idea how old this tree is.  This tree is probably five feet tall,


 with small white lights on it.  We only turn on the tree lights when putting up the tree.  Now half or the light are not working.


I wanted to have my own tree. Somewhere I read an artificial tree pays for its self after a couple of years.


I like the idea of going down the basement and the tree is there.


We had family over for Christmas Eve. Dave’s kids and family came. It was very low key, ordered pizza. Dave’s daughter was there too.


We now have a nine month old in the family.



My favorite Christmas picture. Daisy listening

My favorite Christmas picture. Daisy listening

One of my favorite Christmas pictures is. Dave’s son taking a picture of Dave holding his daughter. My picture of Dave holding his grand daughter turned out good too.


Daisy was a rescued dog. She was nine months and had five puppies when she was rescued. Daisy has not been around many dogs.


The only babies she had been around were her puppies.


My dog Daisy is sitting in the picture. First time Daisy had been around a baby.


She did very well. The baby’s mom attempted to have her daughter pet Daisy on the way out.


For the last two days I have been shopping. I went to the after Christmas sales. Got a couple of small things for next Christmas.


Finally found a purse I like at Target. Looking forward to seeing my son before New Year‘s.


Guess what I saw?

Angiogram Image of AVM

Angiogram Image of AVM (Photo credit: Eric Gilliland)

Last week I look up the summary of my visit to the heart doctor.

It was a check up. I had questions I wanted answered. The visit went very well.

He said I am the same, no better no worse, as far as my heart goes. My heart failure is cause from the massive AVM.

My AVM is part of Cowden’s Syndrome. I have had the AVM since birth. It started in the hip and pelvis area and was not a problem till my early twenties.

This past year my vascular surgeon gave me pictures of my AVM. Its extra-large and now goes to my right knee.

Ok , I did find out some new stuff. I was not supposed to make it a year in 2007. So the fact  I’m still here is a surprise to most doctors.

Didn’t realize that. We now have access to some of the doctors notes through  on-line my chart. I saw a list of all my medical problems.

Pulmonary hypertension is first, followed by right side heart failure. Part of the notes were about my  medical disability. First time I had seen it written.

Even though I have been on disability for a while it was still hard to see. It took some time, but I know it’s for the best.

Christmas Eve

A big thanks to everyone who reads this. I am waiting for Christmas Eve company while waiting for some glue to dry.

One of the things I read was to post something every day.

Cover of "The Bucket List"

Cover of The Bucket List

So here goes…Its Christmas Eve and I was invited to my son’s house. My son is 30.

He started his own company repairing roofs Hammer Down Construction.

That is a small thing on my bucket list. Go to my kids

home for any holiday. Who knows if I will make it but it was really nice to be asked.

Dave had an eye appointment this morning. Everything went very well. He seemed less stressed.

Yesterday the my  doctor finally called me back. All of my thyroid tests were normal. Just continue with my thyroid medicine.

My vitamin D is now in normal too. I have to continue taking the large amount of vitamin D. My return appointment is in May.

Merry Christmas Eve.

Blogging, should I continue????

Christmas in the post-War United States

Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Merry Christmas! For the next couple of days its going to be very stressful around here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I have been evaluating blogging. Do I need to take a break? Am I any good?

Do I have anything that persons want to hear? For a long time I didn’t care about the numbers. I use to thing if you write it they will come.

Now I’m not so sure.

I have been blogging for about a year and my stats are really low. Maybe I don’t know how to promote myself.

Any suggestions would help. My last two post were pictures I painted.

I drew my husbands lunch and my sisters mailbox. They received more hits than I have gotten in a while. So maybe I need to blog in a different direction.

One of my new followers say know your audience. Could my audience be trying to tell me something? I posted my first picture because I was surprised that my art teacher liked it.

I have been inspired by a fellow artist I follow. She draws anything. I think Im getting better.

True this blog has kept my family informed about my health. Last Thursday the heart doctor say if he was a betting man he would have bet I wouldn’t be around now.

So I am beating the odds.

Kitchen items

 The days are getting shorter. Its cold.We still have snow. That is what you can expect for December in Ohio.

Christmas is right around the corner. Sketchbook one of the blogs posts drawings she did of things around her home.

I like what she draws. The more practice I get the better painter I can become.

Our local art league has a showing at the library. All paid members are able to show two pictures.

Hopefully with more practice I will have better looking pictures.



Apples around here were really good this year. I made two batches of apple cranberry sauce. Apples are a favorite part of Dave’s lunch. I ended up putting them in his lunch before finishing.

Not to bad for a first attempt.



  1. Since Weight Watchers we have lots of bananas at home. It’s a rare thing I have to throw any away. I used one set of three bananas to start and finished up with another set of bananas.

When using food for tomorrows lunch I have to paint faster.