NOT Cancer!!!

How I Feel About December 2006

How I Feel About December 2006 (Photo credit: cobalt123)

NOT Cancer. That is the first thing the nurse said.  Then  she shut the door on Dave. He and the hot chocolate made it in the room.

My breast biopsy was a radiated blood vessel. The computers were down this morning, so I was not able to get a copy of the lab report.

She went on to say they did extra tests on the biopsy just to make sure. I all ready have an appointment scheduled for December with the breast specialist.

So everything went pretty quick and really good news.

ms. thyroid

ms. thyroid (Photo credit: blurdom)

After everything was over  I went walking in the mall. This morning was cold rainy. We don’t go to the mall much. I checked out the Crock Store. You have to see Crock Tennis shoes.

Getting the email is not the same thing. I looked around for a purse, but didn’t find one I liked enough to buy. Black Friday is right around the corner.

I got an early Christmas present this week. So I am not deprived at all. There was only two choices for lunch, Subway or McDonald’s chicken sandwich.

Yes, I was tempted by the mall Chinese food. But its got way to much salt. That creates other problems for me.

Around 1:20 I got a call from the nurse. Her message said she had to cancel my appointment. Ok maybe the computers were still down. She still needed to talk to me.

 Boy was I was grateful for bluetooth this afternoon. It took awhile to get connected to the nurse. She said because my parathyroids and vitamin D levels were still off, and I saw my endo doctor.

He needed to be the one to follow me for osteoporosis. All right I’m all most home now. Haven’t really felt good in a while so that’s probably the best thing. My endro knows his stuff.

His office is less than a mile away. But when I got blood drawn Monday they drew his too. I was supposed to wait and have his blood test drawn today. So I have the results now.

Most of the thyroid levels are fine, parathyroids is still 82 and vitamin D has went down a little to 22.5  Thats after I started taking 10,000 unit pills. So I get to call him tomorrow.



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