Douglas Crockford's purple shoes

Douglas Crockford’s purple shoes (Photo credit: FranksValli)


I am glad to see the end of October. This year was the first October I had breast issues. I came to realize the bra decorating contest was not for me.


The dinner was expensive. Most ladies who decorated a bra,  went to the dinner with their co-workers. They sat together and voted for their bra.


This year a couple of bras had lights on them. I am not working, so I have no co-workers to sit with or vote for my bra. Who knows how I did.


I still think it’s a good cause. Just not the right one for me. But tomorrow is another day.



Three doctors appointment this week.  Monday is the oncologist. It’s really close to the five-year colon cancer mark. Who knows when you are supposed to start counting.


 I had my right colon removed in January of 2009.


I like to count when the cancer was taken out. My upcoming colonoscopy will be in March. I am one of the lucky few who get yearly colonoscopies.


Two appointments on Thursday. The morning appointment I am supposed to find out the results of the biopsy from my left breast.


The doctors office is right beside a mall. This mall has lots of different stores that I don’t normally get to see. There is a Crock store.


Crocks thats the shoes. They have more style than they use to and with the cold weather coming my feet fell great in them.


One of the few Cleveland Indians stores is there to. So I hope the doctors are on time.




Thursday afternoon I see another  nurse to discuss my osteoporosis. Last time I filled out lots of paperwork, talked to the doctor and had blood drawn.


From those blood test result I found out my parathyroid is high and my vitamin D is low. More blood test are scheduled.


Waiting is hard.


Hope and Patience

Hope and Patience (Photo credit: deep shot)




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  1. I hear ya….waiting is hard! Between my brain mri’s and the other appointments, it’s a lot to juggle. Plus while trying to work! UGH. I love the purple shoes pic. I had some Crocs a few years ago after my thyroid surgery. They are great to slip on in a pinch!

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