A picture from my daughter who lives in Tennessee

A picture from my daughter who lives in Tennessee

At the end of the summer I joined our local art league. The artists are everything from beginners to professional artists.

This picture is from my first pastel workshop given the last Saturday in October. The instructions said to bring a landscape.

I have always enjoyed painting animals so this was a challenge.

I met some nice ladies. Got some more instruction on pastels and challenged myself.

Put that together with I stayed for the end of class showing. All this after having a biopsy on Tuesday.

This is mostly looking out our front room window. The right tree is at a sporting goods store.

This is mostly looking out our front room window. The right tree is at a sporting goods store.

The Sketchbook is an artist blog She draws lots of thing from her life. I have gotten inspired from her blog.

This started out as a tree I drew sitting in the car waiting for my hubby to finish in the sporting goods store.

I added the other two tress while sitting on his favorite chair. They came better than I though they would.

This Monday evening is the first time I will be able to attend an art league meeting. Looking forward to learning something new.


I have a good life

My sister's dog Emma

My sister’s dog Emma

I attempted to submit something to a website. My return email was very positive loaded with questions I was supposed to answer so what I submitted could be posted.

They asked, how does having Cowden’s Syndrome affect my everyday life?

Having Cowden’s Syndrome means I have a mutated P ten gene.

That makes me at high risk for many different types of cancers. So far I have had breast and colon cancer.

Most people I have met on-line have some kind of thyroid issues. A good many of them have had thyroid cancer. Thyroid issues I have them too.

They started at 17.Thyroid issues came back after having kids.  My parathyroids issues returned this October.

I was born with a large head and have struggled with dyslexia my whole life. I continue to be thankful for GPS.

My large AVM is apart of Cowden’s.

The AVM is large and continues to grow. Its painful everyday. The pain has gotten to the point that I asked my doctor for something stronger than aspirin that is not addictive.

My family will tell you I am known to be able to deal with pain pretty well. So when I ask for something stronger means they are getting worse?

All this does not include the issues that I have because I had other issues.

Example: This past October I had a breast biopsy because the  radiation I had eleven years ago caused a rash under my breast. Doctors wanted to make sure the cancer had not returned.

To this day the chemo I had for colon cancer in 2009 caused me to not be able to feel the bottom of my feet.

But I am really close to the five-year mark. But I am still here. This doesn’t include right side heart failure or pulmonary hypertension.

 My dog  Daisy  2012 Watercolor

My dog Daisy
2012 Watercolor

This site told me I wrote to the wrong place. They thought I should have written the colon cancer alliance.

Now I know all about them. Good site great people.

  Awhile back I applied for SSI. After six months of calls,filling out forms, a doctors visit, echo and a night in the hospital.

I was accepted for SSI on the first try without a lawyer. So after finally finding a great job I really liked and was good at I couldn’t work anymore.

Oh and by the way I was 52.

Yes that’s one way Cowden’s syndrome affects me everyday.

 Some days are good. Other days are not so good. I have a lot am thankful for. Most days I go with Dave and Daisy for the afternoon walk.

My cooking has improved. We eat a whole lot healthier, kept the weight off we lost and still look pretty good.

Some Cowden friends convinced me I had a story to tell and needed to start my own blog. Hopefully I have helped someone.

When I asked I give blood for any researcher that crosses my path.

I have gotten back into my art and see some improvement in my paintings.

So I guess I didn’t answer the question right. AND I have a good life.

Please check out the related articles from my on line peeps.


Yes I am a veteran

Harbin (DDG 112) entering San Diego harbor

Harbin (DDG 112) entering San Diego harbor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Yup instead the college experience I had the military experience. It was the late seventies. For lots of reasons I was not headed to college.

Back then it was a time where girls did not think of joining the military after high school. So after lots of trail and error.

I passed the written test. Got the notes from doctors and in the middle of what is now know around here as the “blizzard ” of 78 I left for boot camp.

Because of all the snow I left three times for boot camp. Boot camp was in Orlando  Florida. Florida was wet, cold and fun. Boy was I glad I had been in marching band.

Marching was easy. No one yelled at me while marching. The swimming test was easy too. That day was really cold. We climbed to the top of the high diving board, jumped in and swam

to the end of the pool. Thats all. I have even taken part and put a gun back together.

 In the late 70’s early 80′ women were just starting to be stationed on ships. But only certain ships.

It was a really big deal to be one of the first women on certain ships. I did my time on shore.

Sandy a Navy friend did make it on a ship. She went with the second round of females.

Her area aboard ship was tiny, but she seemed to really like it.

I ended up being a mess management specialist. That was the Navy’s way of saying cook.

It was long hours. Where ever you were stationed the work was different. On occasion I still say your tax dollars taught me to cook.

Whenever I was home, my mom would have me make her an omelet. I cooked omelets at two different places.

For awhile I was a part of funeral detail. The women did the twenty-one gun salute. Guys carried the casket.

My military experience is pretty tame compared to the twenty-first century. Other than boot camp I was in California.

The country was at peace. Most of my family was shocked I would want to serve.

I served when changes were being made for women.

Yes I am a veteran. Happy Veteran Day!

NOT Cancer!!!

How I Feel About December 2006

How I Feel About December 2006 (Photo credit: cobalt123)

NOT Cancer. That is the first thing the nurse said.  Then  she shut the door on Dave. He and the hot chocolate made it in the room.

My breast biopsy was a radiated blood vessel. The computers were down this morning, so I was not able to get a copy of the lab report.

She went on to say they did extra tests on the biopsy just to make sure. I all ready have an appointment scheduled for December with the breast specialist.

So everything went pretty quick and really good news.

ms. thyroid

ms. thyroid (Photo credit: blurdom)

After everything was over  I went walking in the mall. This morning was cold rainy. We don’t go to the mall much. I checked out the Crock Store. You have to see Crock Tennis shoes.

Getting the email is not the same thing. I looked around for a purse, but didn’t find one I liked enough to buy. Black Friday is right around the corner.

I got an early Christmas present this week. So I am not deprived at all. There was only two choices for lunch, Subway or McDonald’s chicken sandwich.

Yes, I was tempted by the mall Chinese food. But its got way to much salt. That creates other problems for me.

Around 1:20 I got a call from the nurse. Her message said she had to cancel my appointment. Ok maybe the computers were still down. She still needed to talk to me.

 Boy was I was grateful for bluetooth this afternoon. It took awhile to get connected to the nurse. She said because my parathyroids and vitamin D levels were still off, and I saw my endo doctor.

He needed to be the one to follow me for osteoporosis. All right I’m all most home now. Haven’t really felt good in a while so that’s probably the best thing. My endro knows his stuff.

His office is less than a mile away. But when I got blood drawn Monday they drew his too. I was supposed to wait and have his blood test drawn today. So I have the results now.

Most of the thyroid levels are fine, parathyroids is still 82 and vitamin D has went down a little to 22.5  Thats after I started taking 10,000 unit pills. So I get to call him tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Appointment

Kent Oncology Centre

Kent Oncology Centre (Photo credit: llamnudds)

 Yesterday I left an hour early for my doctor’s appointment. The appointment is about twenty miles up the road.

Made three stops. First was to the local credit union. It was out-of-the-way and never busy. I got on the highway and realized my low fuel light had come on.

My car is two years old. We don’t drive it on the weekends anymore.  I was grateful the low fuel light came on right before Brunswick.

Now I usually don’t get gas in Brunswick. Almost missed my exit to get back on the highway.

Finally got to the doctors building. Checked in and had about five minutes waiting for Dave.

A positive of yesterday the nurse didn’t remember me.

This is the same place I had chemo at. Nine treatments at the time seemed to be never-ending. My first oncologist moved to a cancer center on the other side of Cleveland.

She was very good.

I saw the oncologist yesterday. Big waste of time and money.  It was one of those appointments where I could have phone it in.

He scheduled a CT for March. Doesn’t expect to find anything.  I had my CEA levels checked. They are still good.

He said there was still no word about my breast biopsy from last Tuesday. I was hopeful. When I asked him he thought it was I got very odd answers.

 He could have just been like every body else and said he didn’t know. This was probably the third time I had seen him.

I’m glad I looking around before telling Dave I was sorry he took the time to come with me. The doctor had followed me out. He came real close to hearing my comments.

There was a small wait to have my blood drawn. But there was a baby ahead of me. She was born on Halloween. Very very cute.



Douglas Crockford's purple shoes

Douglas Crockford’s purple shoes (Photo credit: FranksValli)


I am glad to see the end of October. This year was the first October I had breast issues. I came to realize the bra decorating contest was not for me.


The dinner was expensive. Most ladies who decorated a bra,  went to the dinner with their co-workers. They sat together and voted for their bra.


This year a couple of bras had lights on them. I am not working, so I have no co-workers to sit with or vote for my bra. Who knows how I did.


I still think it’s a good cause. Just not the right one for me. But tomorrow is another day.



Three doctors appointment this week.  Monday is the oncologist. It’s really close to the five-year colon cancer mark. Who knows when you are supposed to start counting.


 I had my right colon removed in January of 2009.


I like to count when the cancer was taken out. My upcoming colonoscopy will be in March. I am one of the lucky few who get yearly colonoscopies.


Two appointments on Thursday. The morning appointment I am supposed to find out the results of the biopsy from my left breast.


The doctors office is right beside a mall. This mall has lots of different stores that I don’t normally get to see. There is a Crock store.


Crocks thats the shoes. They have more style than they use to and with the cold weather coming my feet fell great in them.


One of the few Cleveland Indians stores is there to. So I hope the doctors are on time.




Thursday afternoon I see another  nurse to discuss my osteoporosis. Last time I filled out lots of paperwork, talked to the doctor and had blood drawn.


From those blood test result I found out my parathyroid is high and my vitamin D is low. More blood test are scheduled.


Waiting is hard.


Hope and Patience

Hope and Patience (Photo credit: deep shot)