Busy Week


Pink! (Photo credit: fabrice79)






I had the mass in my left breast taken out this week.


Hospital check in was Tuesday morning at 5 am.  That meant leaving the house around 4 am. My sister made the trip up again. Thanks Beth.


Getting there early did mean I was first and no waiting in their holding are after saying good-by to my family. This was the first time I came home after being put all the way out.


My first nurse put in the IV. It had to be the easiest IV I have had. She numbed the area and used a small needle since I was going home.


I came home wrapped an ace bandage. Yesterday I took off the bandage and had a quick shower. My follow-up appointment is with the PA on November 7.





 Just got home from the parathyroid doctor.   He talked and did a thyroid ultra sound. My nodules have grown slightly. He ordered more blood tests. I have to take


Vitamin D3 100,000 units for 3 weeks then cut the dosage in half.  Dr said if my vitamin D level is up I should feel better.





I am looking forward to attending a pastel workshop this Saturday.





  1. The only thing my surgeon said after the last thyroid surgery was never again. That was around 2001. So I have no idea how much thyroid I have left. Long before I heard of Cowdens, my mom, who was a nurse said the surgeon can’t get everything out when taking out the thyroid. So thats why I have to keep getting it checked.

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