Surgery next week

Hypnotically Pink for the Cure (1488505615)

Hypnotically Pink for the Cure (1488505615) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My surgery is October 29 downtown Cleveland at the main campus. Dave will be there with my sister.

Last week I had my pre surgery appointments. I passed. One of the things the nurse went over was that I am having a cyst removed on the left breast.

Since all this started the thing on my left breast has been called different things by different doctors. What I do know is the cyst is hard not fluid filled.

Its located on the left breast bra line. I had breast cancer in 2002. My treatment was a lumpectomy and radiation. The cyst is located in the radiated area.

The ultrasound showed the cyst growing from the top down not from the breast up.

Most of the questions I asked my surgeon were answered with, we don’t know. Her thought is to give me twilight sleep, remove the cyst and some of the area around the cyst.

That way there is no need to go back . That works for me. It will take a week to ten days to find out the results. At times two things bother me about this.

First I all ready had breast cancer.  Second because of where the cyst is, and maybe breast size it can be painful.

 Every day I can see the cyst. Because I can see the cyst, I have watched it change color. So I have stopped looking at it every day.

It turned out you can not take multi vitamins, vitamin D or vitamin E two weeks before surgery.

My surgery binder says it affects the certain medication. Only one appointment was late, even after the doctor added an EKG.

Folding album.

Folding album.

photo box

photo box

Last Tuesday I went to art therapy at our local cancer support center. We made photo boxes, either to keep or give for Christmas gifts.

You make them with four pieces of colored paper. The instructor cut and scored the paper. We cut and glued the papers together, and started to decorate our boxes.

I have been adding the pictures and decorating. They are turning out really nice. My problem I am running out of pictures.

So my family will have to use their pictures to finish the boxes. All the cutting and gluing is relaxing.

I am counting the days till November 2.  That is when I have an all day pastel class. Sounds like fun.



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