When it Rains it Pours


Rain-symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 When It rains it pours.  I never thought that would be true about doctors appointments.

 Looking at my schedule of doctors appointments in August, this is not bad just one doctor’s appointment a month. Ha Look at me now.

Last Thursday I finally got in to see the rheumatology. She was following up because I have bad osteoporosis. After lots of talking she ordered lab tests.

I had an appointment to see her nurse for a shot twice a year. Just got off the phone rescheduling that appointment. My pre op appointments (five of them downtown Cleveland)

are the same day as my visit to see her nurse in Strongsville. Got that changed. It turns out my labs were off.

Vitamin D was low PTH continues to go up. She had let my endocrinologist know.

Last Friday I saw the breast specialist about the lump. I have heard it called different things.

This lump is in the radiation field, in the bra line. Its noticeable. Probably about the size of a dime, maybe a little bigger.

After an exam the doctor  said the whole thing needs to come out. Its better to get the whole thing out the first time. Ok that makes sense.

So I have a breast biopsy  scheduled for October 29. All the pre surgery are October 17, downtown Cleveland. The first appointment is at 8:15.

I hope the traffic is light that morning. I getting twilight sleep, the same kind you get for a colonoscopy.

Late Friday afternoon as we are pulling in the driveway from the breast specialist, my endocrinologist calls. Good doctor, knows his stuff.

He has an accent that is a whole lot easier to understand in his office than in the truck after school let out.

I did catch most of what he said. My parathyroid was acting up again. His nurses would call back to schedule an appointment.

They called back. Two choices for the appointment October 31 or sometime next year.

So far I just one appointment for November. Time will tell.

I am the guest blogger again on the PH plus blog. Its about pulmonary hypertension and breast cancer. What I have come to realize they have in common.




  1. I read your blog post! It was awesome. Were they able to link back to your blog so you could get more readers? You know, it’s funny you mention Vitamin D and parathyroid hormone. I too had struggles with that and for a while I was on 150,000 IU’s of it A WEEK. Really. This was right before the brain tumor (LDD) diagnosis. Thankfully it’s going down and my parathyroid seems to be going back to normal.

  2. I didn’t think to ask about a link back to my blog. Its taken a long time for me to realize what it means to have PH and I just wanted to try and help someone else. I have had low Vitamin D before. My old doctor ordered me Vitamin D too. One pill I took once a week. Not to long after that I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I have had high parathyroid hormone too. Ended up having a couple of parathyroid glands removed. So I guess time will tell with this.

  3. I’ll look into that. I have the pre surgery appointments tomorrow for the biopsy. In that paperwork I was suppose to discontinue the herbs. I thought Vitamin D is an herb. But I see my endo Oct 31. Vitamin D level was at 25 in January 13.

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