My Bra Hope its in the Genes

Hope its in the Genes

Hope its in the Genes

I finished decorating my bra for the fifth ever Bra-Zeere Decorating contest.

It’s easy to enter. Pick a theme, design a bra, turn in the bra to our local health department., and have fun at the dinner.

No you do not have to wear the bra. Yes more than one person asked that.

This year my theme is from Global Gene Project. Hope its in our Genes. I cut up a pair of Dave’s old painting pants as the main part of my bra.

My favorite touch is the  70’s style fringe on the bottom.

I used Red  Duct Tape to write Hope on the cups and finished the bra with a little be of ribbon, sequins, and small blue roses.

I wanted to design something that wasn’t pink. Hopefully it will be remembered. My other thought was to raise awareness about hereditary breast cancer.

Last year  it was raining, I had broker my ankle so I have yet to attend the dinner.

There are sixty bras on display. Attendees pay a dollar per vote.  From the pictures I have seen this event should be fun.

I enjoy looking at art of any kind. The banquet hall was decorated in pink and white.   Men were the judges. Gift baskets for the winners.

Our heath department decorated a bra in lifesavers with a sign about being your own life safe, get a mammogram.

Another featured bra was a black bra decorated with Halloween stickers titled boo bees.

Last year the event raised enough money to help twenty-six local women with cancer screenings.

I hope my bra raises lots of money. It should be a fun night.

The above picture is my bra. Hope it’s in our Genes. The bottom picture is the sign that goes with the bra.

After spilling the sequins and glueing them on the sign I realized I had to stop.

The sign I put with my bra.

The sign I put with my bra.


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