Busy Week


Pink! (Photo credit: fabrice79)






I had the mass in my left breast taken out this week.


Hospital check in was Tuesday morning at 5 am.  That meant leaving the house around 4 am. My sister made the trip up again. Thanks Beth.


Getting there early did mean I was first and no waiting in their holding are after saying good-by to my family. This was the first time I came home after being put all the way out.


My first nurse put in the IV. It had to be the easiest IV I have had. She numbed the area and used a small needle since I was going home.


I came home wrapped an ace bandage. Yesterday I took off the bandage and had a quick shower. My follow-up appointment is with the PA on November 7.





 Just got home from the parathyroid doctor.   He talked and did a thyroid ultra sound. My nodules have grown slightly. He ordered more blood tests. I have to take


Vitamin D3 100,000 units for 3 weeks then cut the dosage in half.  Dr said if my vitamin D level is up I should feel better.





I am looking forward to attending a pastel workshop this Saturday.




Surgery next week

Hypnotically Pink for the Cure (1488505615)

Hypnotically Pink for the Cure (1488505615) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My surgery is October 29 downtown Cleveland at the main campus. Dave will be there with my sister.

Last week I had my pre surgery appointments. I passed. One of the things the nurse went over was that I am having a cyst removed on the left breast.

Since all this started the thing on my left breast has been called different things by different doctors. What I do know is the cyst is hard not fluid filled.

Its located on the left breast bra line. I had breast cancer in 2002. My treatment was a lumpectomy and radiation. The cyst is located in the radiated area.

The ultrasound showed the cyst growing from the top down not from the breast up.

Most of the questions I asked my surgeon were answered with, we don’t know. Her thought is to give me twilight sleep, remove the cyst and some of the area around the cyst.

That way there is no need to go back . That works for me. It will take a week to ten days to find out the results. At times two things bother me about this.

First I all ready had breast cancer.  Second because of where the cyst is, and maybe breast size it can be painful.

 Every day I can see the cyst. Because I can see the cyst, I have watched it change color. So I have stopped looking at it every day.

It turned out you can not take multi vitamins, vitamin D or vitamin E two weeks before surgery.

My surgery binder says it affects the certain medication. Only one appointment was late, even after the doctor added an EKG.

Folding album.

Folding album.

photo box

photo box

Last Tuesday I went to art therapy at our local cancer support center. We made photo boxes, either to keep or give for Christmas gifts.

You make them with four pieces of colored paper. The instructor cut and scored the paper. We cut and glued the papers together, and started to decorate our boxes.

I have been adding the pictures and decorating. They are turning out really nice. My problem I am running out of pictures.

So my family will have to use their pictures to finish the boxes. All the cutting and gluing is relaxing.

I am counting the days till November 2.  That is when I have an all day pastel class. Sounds like fun.

When it Rains it Pours


Rain-symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 When It rains it pours.  I never thought that would be true about doctors appointments.

 Looking at my schedule of doctors appointments in August, this is not bad just one doctor’s appointment a month. Ha Look at me now.

Last Thursday I finally got in to see the rheumatology. She was following up because I have bad osteoporosis. After lots of talking she ordered lab tests.

I had an appointment to see her nurse for a shot twice a year. Just got off the phone rescheduling that appointment. My pre op appointments (five of them downtown Cleveland)

are the same day as my visit to see her nurse in Strongsville. Got that changed. It turns out my labs were off.

Vitamin D was low PTH continues to go up. She had let my endocrinologist know.

Last Friday I saw the breast specialist about the lump. I have heard it called different things.

This lump is in the radiation field, in the bra line. Its noticeable. Probably about the size of a dime, maybe a little bigger.

After an exam the doctor  said the whole thing needs to come out. Its better to get the whole thing out the first time. Ok that makes sense.

So I have a breast biopsy  scheduled for October 29. All the pre surgery are October 17, downtown Cleveland. The first appointment is at 8:15.

I hope the traffic is light that morning. I getting twilight sleep, the same kind you get for a colonoscopy.

Late Friday afternoon as we are pulling in the driveway from the breast specialist, my endocrinologist calls. Good doctor, knows his stuff.

He has an accent that is a whole lot easier to understand in his office than in the truck after school let out.

I did catch most of what he said. My parathyroid was acting up again. His nurses would call back to schedule an appointment.

They called back. Two choices for the appointment October 31 or sometime next year.

So far I just one appointment for November. Time will tell.

I am the guest blogger again on the PH plus blog. Its about pulmonary hypertension and breast cancer. What I have come to realize they have in common.


My Bra Hope its in the Genes

Hope its in the Genes

Hope its in the Genes

I finished decorating my bra for the fifth ever Bra-Zeere Decorating contest.

It’s easy to enter. Pick a theme, design a bra, turn in the bra to our local health department., and have fun at the dinner.

No you do not have to wear the bra. Yes more than one person asked that.

This year my theme is from Global Gene Project. Hope its in our Genes. I cut up a pair of Dave’s old painting pants as the main part of my bra.

My favorite touch is the  70’s style fringe on the bottom.

I used Red  Duct Tape to write Hope on the cups and finished the bra with a little be of ribbon, sequins, and small blue roses.

I wanted to design something that wasn’t pink. Hopefully it will be remembered. My other thought was to raise awareness about hereditary breast cancer.

Last year  it was raining, I had broker my ankle so I have yet to attend the dinner.

There are sixty bras on display. Attendees pay a dollar per vote.  From the pictures I have seen this event should be fun.

I enjoy looking at art of any kind. The banquet hall was decorated in pink and white.   Men were the judges. Gift baskets for the winners.

Our heath department decorated a bra in lifesavers with a sign about being your own life safe, get a mammogram.

Another featured bra was a black bra decorated with Halloween stickers titled boo bees.

Last year the event raised enough money to help twenty-six local women with cancer screenings.

I hope my bra raises lots of money. It should be a fun night.

The above picture is my bra. Hope it’s in our Genes. The bottom picture is the sign that goes with the bra.

After spilling the sequins and glueing them on the sign I realized I had to stop.

The sign I put with my bra.

The sign I put with my bra.