Pink flower

Pink flower (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

 I got to the breast center about a half an hour early, just finished filling out the paper work and my name was called.

The tech said I was the last appointment. She brought me into the mammogram room. I told her I was here for an ultrasound.

After talking to the radiologist, the tech said she needed a couple of mammogram pictures.

Ok. They took the mammogram pictures. You could barely see the lump. So I grabbed my clothes and went next door for the ultrasound.

In the ultrasound there were a new set of people. The nurse talked. A radiologist did the ultrasound. She turned the monitor and explained what we were looking at.

The big line across the monitor was my skin. The circle in the line was the bump. The rest of the picture was my breast and my lung was in the corner.

She pointed out the lump is in the skin and not the breast. OK I have known that for a while. Then she asked what doctor referred me.

 The radiologist went to call my doctor. Unable to get ahold of my doctor.

I left with a paper from the nurse saying I did not have breast cancer and needed my yearly mammogram in March of 2014.


The last thing the radiologist said was that needs a biopsy and she would try my doctor again.

I ended up calling my doctor Friday afternoon. She called back within twenty minutes.  Not a good sign. She said my ultrasound results we

inconclusive. She had talked to other doctors in the breast center about me. I have an appointment to see a breast specialist, oncologist Friday afternoon.

My doctor stressed I could not wait till December to see my breast specialist. I need a biopsy and a treatment plan. If I wanted another doctor I could get one but she really

thought I need a treatment plan.

Ok I just wanted the lump removed. The hold thing has never been this big of a deal. Hopefully I will know more on Friday.



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