Guest blog published early!

English: This photograph wasn't very difficult...

English: This photograph wasn’t very difficult. The parent went off from the nest and was returning. This enabled me to set up a position and anticipate the flight path. Usually in May and June the Osprey would be coming back to the nest with fish for the growing kiddies but they will eat a whole fish themsleves by July after losing so much weight slaving for the youngsters when they most needed constant feeding. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 My guest blog was published early. I did not expect it till October 10. I wrote about losing weight  and how effected my health.

The PH association wanted PH incorporated into the blog. I added Cowdens Syndrome along with my other health issues.

The guest blog has before and after pictures. Something I thought I would never publish.

If I had the chance I would choose another after picture with Dave in it too. He has kept the weight off

and looks great. I am interested in sharing recipes if anyone is interested.

Snack girl on Twitter has good recipes along with  healthy suggestions.


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