Breast Ultrasound Today!

Lump (song)

Lump (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like my new doctor. She was young, knows her stuff. Polite too, said she was sorry twice.

Once because she was running late. The other time because there was so much to read.

An informed doctor is a good doctor. Once I had a doctor tell me there was too much to read. He would read my chart and get back to me. That cost another deductible.

Dr H didn’t ask what Cowden’s Syndrome was. Her nurse asked how to spell it.   I was glad Dave was there.

Yes Dr H agrees with Dr A. The lump under my left breast needs to come out. But she is concerned with that area having prior radiation.

I could end up with a wound that doesn’t heal. She also doesn’t want to take off the lump without knowing what it is.

I guess there are ways other than surgery to remove the lump. Dr H. measured the lump too.

The nurse took pictures. Pictures for a plastic surgeon are different from pictures for the skin doctor.  There was a picture room, with extra light.

The nurse took three different poses.

I need an ultrasound of the left breast. Ok I can do that. Yes she said someone could schedule the ultrasound right away.

After waiting in line again. The first appointment at the breast center for a breast ultrasound was January 7. The scheduler excused herself.

When she returned and made another phone call, I had a breast ultrasound appointment for today.

For the third time this week,  I head back to the family center down the road. At this rate I should get my own parking space.

English: West from the Lump The Lump, or the M...

English: West from the Lump The Lump, or the Meall, is a high promontory above Portree pier. It was the site of the last hanging in Skye in 1742. It was laid out with trees and shrubs by Dr Ban, and is now the venue for the annual Skye Games. This view shows some of the trees on the western side of the Lump. The view over Loch Portree is to the houses of Viewfield and Fisherfield. The snow topped hill behind them is Suidh Fhinn – (Fingal’s Seat). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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