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English: pink ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had early stage breast cancer in 2002. My treatment was a  lumpectomy, radiation and had to take medicine for five years. The lumpectomy was painful. At that time I spent the night in the hospital. When everything was over I did not need chemo for breast cancer. Just radiation, the medicine for five years and follow-up with an oncologist.

 I had 45 visits to the radiologist. He started everything off with a twenty-minute lecture. The three C’s…thats what kill most people. Cars, corollaries, and cancer. It still surprises me I remember that. He explained everything very well. My appointment with radiology would be at the same time every day. Mornings were all ways full. I ended up going later afternoon.  I had lots of side effects. The one I remember the most was I burnt, really bad. Every once in a while the nurse would come in and paint my breast with this purple stuff. She said it was what they use to use for radiation burns. It was smelly, sticky and really purple. But the purple stuff helped. I do remember him telling me that radiation does have side effects for some people. But the benefits were the breast cancer not coming back.

I ended up getting bumps under the bra line on the radiated breast under my arm pit. The first time I had them checked the dermatologist  removed some bumps on my armpit. This was before Cowden’s Syndrome. For at least a year i have been going to a dermatologist. He removed some of the bad-looking bumps every time. Each time the pathology came back calling the bumps lymphangioma, not cancer see you back in six months. Well yesterday I went back for my six month check up. I had three bumps frozen off, two on my right hand the other one on my left knee. Then I showed him the bad-looking bump under the breast. Dr A had another doctor with him yesterday. They did an exam and looked confused. Dr A said he could not remove the bump this time. The bump needs to be removed by a plastic surgeon. The bump is at least three different colors, looks to have fluid in it. Dr A took out a ruler and measured the bump. My other bumps were not big enough to measure.  He said the plastic surgeon could get margins around the bump, something he can’t do in the office.

 Dr A went on to tell me this office of Cleveland Clinic has two plastic surgeons. The one he recommended the lady. She is new an I could get an appointment with her quickly. So I have another doctor’s appointment with a lady plastic surgeon tomorrow at two. This will probably turn into scheduling the surgery to remove the bump. Dave wants to meet me at the office.  Hope she is on time.


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