You can go home again

Canton Bulldogs-Massillon Tigers advertisement...

Canton Bulldogs-Massillon Tigers advertisement for a 1917 game. This a very heated rivilry during the early days of pro football. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio. My Dad had a barber shop. My mom was a nurse.

Both sets of grandparents lived close enough to be part of our lives.

Massillon is known for high school football.

Growing up in Massillon just about everyone did something football related.

We went to football games as a kid, waiting for the day you were old enough to sit in the student section.

September meant football on Friday night and chili for dinner.

From the time I was little I wanted to play in the Massillon Tiger Swing Band.

 In the 70’s I played alto sax, marched in the band, did concert and jazz band.

After graduation I joined the Navy.

Life went on. Last Saturday Dave went to downtown Massillon to their first art show. The art show was beside the Massillon Museum.

The area looked like a cute little park. Who knew Massillon had a cute little park in the middle of downtown or that the museum had moved.

My cousin was their showing her purses made from cigar boxes. It was nice to see her.

The purses looked great.

You can still see tiger pride downtown. There were lots of signs supporting the high school football team.

There still was a nice updated touch of orange black in the feel of downtown.

The old movie theater is still there. Now they play classics at a discount. We walked Bonnie’s Frame Shop. It was closed. Looked like a nice store.

I went to school with Bonnie. We walked past the old family bank. Even the dog liked that bank.

I haven’t been downtown Massillon in decades.

 check out my cousin’s purses


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