Good appointments

YA Young Audax_0019

YA Young Audax_0019 (Photo credit: ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa)

Yes I had the echo on Friday.Because of lots of traffic,where we park,I  Just barely made it on time.

The gentleman doing the echo was very nice. After finishing the echo, he asked if he could do a saline test.

For me that was a first I had never heard of that.

He called a nurse to start an IV. Then she ran a small amount of saline through the IV while he took another picture.  Ok. After a long wait the nurse finally started the IV.

Now her IV was very quick and didn’t hurt like they normally do. I thought this was my lucky day. She started the test and the saline really hurt going in. After checking the IV, she

realized it was positional to work. The next time it painless and quick.

My appointment with the lung went really good. too. She was impressed my echo number were that better. I have been on adcirca since April.

 I was really sick in March after the AVM procedure.  Adcirca is the first  time I have been on pulmonary hypertension medicine. She explained that my colon issues

are caused by the Adcirca. Thats nice to know. It was getting so around 4 pm I would have the abnormal  bowel movements. She ordered blood tests. I had them on the way out.

So it ended up being a two needle day.

I don’t have to see the lung doctor till December. Hopefully it won’t be a snow day.

After a couple of stops we finally made it home with lunch and I took a short nap. We have Cleveland Indians tickets for seats Dave likes September 10.

Its dollar dog night. Right now the Indians are 7 .5 games behind Detroit. The game should be fun. Hopefully we see another win and have a hotdog.

English: A 20-year-old cat that looks tired be...

English: A 20-year-old cat that looks tired because of its advanced age. Français : Un chat de 20 ans d’apparence fatiguée, à cause de son âge avancé. Italiano: Un gatto di vent’anni che appare affaticato a causa dell’avanzata età. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I  have dyslexia.  Around second grade I had all the tests. The other day I commented to a post and hit send way to early.

I hadn’t finished what I wanted to say and was to tired to realize it.  I don’t do math after 8pm for the same reason, dyslexia.

So no more comments when I’m tired.


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