Guest blog published early!

English: This photograph wasn't very difficult...

English: This photograph wasn’t very difficult. The parent went off from the nest and was returning. This enabled me to set up a position and anticipate the flight path. Usually in May and June the Osprey would be coming back to the nest with fish for the growing kiddies but they will eat a whole fish themsleves by July after losing so much weight slaving for the youngsters when they most needed constant feeding. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 My guest blog was published early. I did not expect it till October 10. I wrote about losing weight  and how effected my health.

The PH association wanted PH incorporated into the blog. I added Cowdens Syndrome along with my other health issues.

The guest blog has before and after pictures. Something I thought I would never publish.

If I had the chance I would choose another after picture with Dave in it too. He has kept the weight off

and looks great. I am interested in sharing recipes if anyone is interested.

Snack girl on Twitter has good recipes along with  healthy suggestions.



Pink flower

Pink flower (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

 I got to the breast center about a half an hour early, just finished filling out the paper work and my name was called.

The tech said I was the last appointment. She brought me into the mammogram room. I told her I was here for an ultrasound.

After talking to the radiologist, the tech said she needed a couple of mammogram pictures.

Ok. They took the mammogram pictures. You could barely see the lump. So I grabbed my clothes and went next door for the ultrasound.

In the ultrasound there were a new set of people. The nurse talked. A radiologist did the ultrasound. She turned the monitor and explained what we were looking at.

The big line across the monitor was my skin. The circle in the line was the bump. The rest of the picture was my breast and my lung was in the corner.

She pointed out the lump is in the skin and not the breast. OK I have known that for a while. Then she asked what doctor referred me.

 The radiologist went to call my doctor. Unable to get ahold of my doctor.

I left with a paper from the nurse saying I did not have breast cancer and needed my yearly mammogram in March of 2014.


The last thing the radiologist said was that needs a biopsy and she would try my doctor again.

I ended up calling my doctor Friday afternoon. She called back within twenty minutes.  Not a good sign. She said my ultrasound results we

inconclusive. She had talked to other doctors in the breast center about me. I have an appointment to see a breast specialist, oncologist Friday afternoon.

My doctor stressed I could not wait till December to see my breast specialist. I need a biopsy and a treatment plan. If I wanted another doctor I could get one but she really

thought I need a treatment plan.

Ok I just wanted the lump removed. The hold thing has never been this big of a deal. Hopefully I will know more on Friday.

Breast Ultrasound Today!

Lump (song)

Lump (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like my new doctor. She was young, knows her stuff. Polite too, said she was sorry twice.

Once because she was running late. The other time because there was so much to read.

An informed doctor is a good doctor. Once I had a doctor tell me there was too much to read. He would read my chart and get back to me. That cost another deductible.

Dr H didn’t ask what Cowden’s Syndrome was. Her nurse asked how to spell it.   I was glad Dave was there.

Yes Dr H agrees with Dr A. The lump under my left breast needs to come out. But she is concerned with that area having prior radiation.

I could end up with a wound that doesn’t heal. She also doesn’t want to take off the lump without knowing what it is.

I guess there are ways other than surgery to remove the lump. Dr H. measured the lump too.

The nurse took pictures. Pictures for a plastic surgeon are different from pictures for the skin doctor.  There was a picture room, with extra light.

The nurse took three different poses.

I need an ultrasound of the left breast. Ok I can do that. Yes she said someone could schedule the ultrasound right away.

After waiting in line again. The first appointment at the breast center for a breast ultrasound was January 7. The scheduler excused herself.

When she returned and made another phone call, I had a breast ultrasound appointment for today.

For the third time this week,  I head back to the family center down the road. At this rate I should get my own parking space.

English: West from the Lump The Lump, or the M...

English: West from the Lump The Lump, or the Meall, is a high promontory above Portree pier. It was the site of the last hanging in Skye in 1742. It was laid out with trees and shrubs by Dr Ban, and is now the venue for the annual Skye Games. This view shows some of the trees on the western side of the Lump. The view over Loch Portree is to the houses of Viewfield and Fisherfield. The snow topped hill behind them is Suidh Fhinn – (Fingal’s Seat). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: pink ribbon

English: pink ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had early stage breast cancer in 2002. My treatment was a  lumpectomy, radiation and had to take medicine for five years. The lumpectomy was painful. At that time I spent the night in the hospital. When everything was over I did not need chemo for breast cancer. Just radiation, the medicine for five years and follow-up with an oncologist.

 I had 45 visits to the radiologist. He started everything off with a twenty-minute lecture. The three C’s…thats what kill most people. Cars, corollaries, and cancer. It still surprises me I remember that. He explained everything very well. My appointment with radiology would be at the same time every day. Mornings were all ways full. I ended up going later afternoon.  I had lots of side effects. The one I remember the most was I burnt, really bad. Every once in a while the nurse would come in and paint my breast with this purple stuff. She said it was what they use to use for radiation burns. It was smelly, sticky and really purple. But the purple stuff helped. I do remember him telling me that radiation does have side effects for some people. But the benefits were the breast cancer not coming back.

I ended up getting bumps under the bra line on the radiated breast under my arm pit. The first time I had them checked the dermatologist  removed some bumps on my armpit. This was before Cowden’s Syndrome. For at least a year i have been going to a dermatologist. He removed some of the bad-looking bumps every time. Each time the pathology came back calling the bumps lymphangioma, not cancer see you back in six months. Well yesterday I went back for my six month check up. I had three bumps frozen off, two on my right hand the other one on my left knee. Then I showed him the bad-looking bump under the breast. Dr A had another doctor with him yesterday. They did an exam and looked confused. Dr A said he could not remove the bump this time. The bump needs to be removed by a plastic surgeon. The bump is at least three different colors, looks to have fluid in it. Dr A took out a ruler and measured the bump. My other bumps were not big enough to measure.  He said the plastic surgeon could get margins around the bump, something he can’t do in the office.

 Dr A went on to tell me this office of Cleveland Clinic has two plastic surgeons. The one he recommended the lady. She is new an I could get an appointment with her quickly. So I have another doctor’s appointment with a lady plastic surgeon tomorrow at two. This will probably turn into scheduling the surgery to remove the bump. Dave wants to meet me at the office.  Hope she is on time.

My busy week

English: Improved image resolution version of ...

English: Improved image resolution version of File:Kit baseball cap.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been a busy week. Dave and I went to a Cleveland Indians baseball game. We made plans in August. September should be cooler, kids are back in school and it happened to be dollar hotdog night. There were only 12,000 fans at the game. We see at least one baseball game a year, attendance being that bad was sad. We have had a cool summer. So who knew the hottest day so far in Cleveland would be September 10. It was 94 at 7 pm for the first pitch.The Indians lost that game too.



The denim fabric of a jeans

The denim fabric of a jeans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Our county has a  bra decorating contest. It raises money for women to help with cancer screenings. Each bar has a theme. Winners are decided at a dinner. Votes cost a dollar each. This year I am using Hope its in the Genes, from the global gene project.   After cutting up an old pair of Dave’s jeans plus getting ribbon and something for glitz I started working on my bra this week. A couple of people have asked if I have to wear the bra. No you don’t have to wear the bra.





I finally finished the guest blog for pulmonary hypertension association’s blog. They wanted something other pulmonary hypertension  patients can relate. I wrote about Dave and me losing weight together. Together we lost close to 100 pounds and kept it off since 2008. Who knew others would be interested. Since being diagnosed with PH I can not do exercise classes I use to take. I avoid going up stairs too. That is  all PH related. After any revision the PH association plans on publishing my guest blog Oct 10 with before and after pictures. So stay tuned.





You can go home again

Canton Bulldogs-Massillon Tigers advertisement...

Canton Bulldogs-Massillon Tigers advertisement for a 1917 game. This a very heated rivilry during the early days of pro football. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio. My Dad had a barber shop. My mom was a nurse.

Both sets of grandparents lived close enough to be part of our lives.

Massillon is known for high school football.

Growing up in Massillon just about everyone did something football related.

We went to football games as a kid, waiting for the day you were old enough to sit in the student section.

September meant football on Friday night and chili for dinner.

From the time I was little I wanted to play in the Massillon Tiger Swing Band.

 In the 70’s I played alto sax, marched in the band, did concert and jazz band.

After graduation I joined the Navy.

Life went on. Last Saturday Dave went to downtown Massillon to their first art show. The art show was beside the Massillon Museum.

The area looked like a cute little park. Who knew Massillon had a cute little park in the middle of downtown or that the museum had moved.

My cousin was their showing her purses made from cigar boxes. It was nice to see her.

The purses looked great.

You can still see tiger pride downtown. There were lots of signs supporting the high school football team.

There still was a nice updated touch of orange black in the feel of downtown.

The old movie theater is still there. Now they play classics at a discount. We walked Bonnie’s Frame Shop. It was closed. Looked like a nice store.

I went to school with Bonnie. We walked past the old family bank. Even the dog liked that bank.

I haven’t been downtown Massillon in decades.

 check out my cousin’s purses

They still don’t understand


Help! (Photo credit: Rainier N.)



Sometimes I wish having a rare disease came with a handbook. Doctors are interested in  Cowden’s but  most of the time they don’t understand.


Yes I understand I have lots of things going on. I have at least one appointment doctors every month till January.


At the end of September I see the skin doctor. He takes care of the effects of breast cancer radiation. This time I have lumps getting removed on my knee and the top of my hands.


That is probably the easy appointment.








Headache (EP)

Headache (EP) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Sometimes its hard to get anyone to understand that I don’t feel good. I am  tried, have an upset stomach, I have two kinds of GI issues.

Food doesn’t look good anymore.


My appointment last Friday was good. I do feel a whole lot better than March.


Who know if the PH medicine helped. The same thing happened in 2007. I felt terrible, spent time in the hospital, got better and went home.


True I went home with basic heart failure medicine. The medicine that upset my stomach I stopped within a month.


I told the Lung doctor and my stomach issues. Told her most of the time I can predict the hour my upset stomach and runs will happen.


She wanted me to go back to the GI doctor, make sure I’m updated on colonoscopies. Dave told her all about my colonoscopies. I have them every year. Next one scheduled for March 2014.


He continued with yes she has lots of polyps but the GI gets them out. Spoken like a husband who gets scared the colon cancer could come back.


I see the oncologist the end of November.


Dave  says the runs ( and I mean almost every day) is a small price to pay for the PH medicine working.








My plans are to talk to my PCP about my new issues when I get my flu shot. She is still one of my newer doctors. So far she is pretty good.


So here I sit getting ready to go out. Hopeful that my stomach will be ok.