Friday morning.

Cleveland Clinic in Black and White

Cleveland Clinic in Black and White (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Friday morning, I will be at Cleveland Clinic main campus bright and early.

To get everything things done in the same day I had to schedule the echo at 8:10 in the morning.

That means leaving the house before 7 hopefully to avoid downtown Cleveland rush hour traffic. Echo is one of the few tests I don’t mind having.

The office is usually on time, no needles and the pictures are still very interesting to look at even if I have no idea what I am looking at.

The doctor will have the results for my appointment at 10.

I see the lung doctor at 10. She is checking to see if adcirca is helping. Adcirca is the first PH medicine I have used.

I have not had an echo since being readmitted into the hospital this March.

Lately I have been tried. My cough is back.

So who knows. Hopefully the early morning appointments will give us a good start on Labor Day weekend.

I am attempting to be a guest blogger for the PH Association. They liked the idea of blogging about the connection between PH and my AVM.

First step to guest blogging was to sign up for gmail.

It took a couple of days to come up with a username. Who knew it would be that hard.



  1. Sending good thoughts! Did you get a user name? One thing I wish is that I could be the “same” across all my accounts (Twitter, blog, etc.). I’m hopeforheather here….but then a different name on Twitter. Oh well. Let us know if you end up being a guest blogger! 🙂

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