echo on my lap

echo on my lap (Photo credit: rikrose)

 My search to find out about pulmonary arterial hypertension continues. I have never been someone who uses u tube very much. Dave says you can find anything on U Tube.

 I found videos  on u tube about pulmonary arterial hypertension. One video had a doctor speak about the basics of PH. how you get PAH. That I all ready know from my hospital stay in March.

I have primary pulmonary arterial hypertension. My vascular surgeon and a hospital resident said my PAH came from my AVM. The only cure for me would be to remove the AVM.

 My vascular surgeon said if the AVM is removed it would kill me. Her job is to control it. My current lung doctor said she doesn’t know where my PAH came from.

Another video told of symptoms and tests. Ok most of the symptoms I have or had in March.

I had the lung tests twice. The first time in 2007 I was told I failed the first test and could not continue. That was ok the technician was having an off day.

In March I completed all the lung tests. That technician was stunned about failing the lung tests. She said that was not possible.

The last test for me was the six-minute walk. The technician takes vitals hooks you up to something that measures your oxygen and you walk around two dots on the floor.

The six-minute walk test is one of the better tests i had in a long time, no prep or needles. So far I had the six-minute walk test twice. Both were about the same distance walked.

Today I  learned that test is used to see how well the medicine is working and if you need additional medicine.

I learned why the lung doctor scheduled another echo for  the end of August. Thank you Dr F.

Echo’s are my kind of tests, no needles, or bad preps. At Cleveland Clinic Main Campus Dr. F will have the results within an hour of completing the echo.

U Tube has an echo about PAH put to music. Its kind neat to watch!


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