Art Bra, Front

Art Bra, Front (Photo credit: campbelj45ca)

Our free paper had an article about WOW. That stands for Women helping Women. It’s a local organization that raises money for uninsured and under insured women to be able to afford mammograms.

WOW has a bra decorating contest. Anyone can enter. The bras are displayed and votes are a dollar a piece. WOW has a dinner and a local lady comic is performing.

The decorations were pink complete with pink and white M&M’s.

Last year I decorated a bra, but could not attend because I broke my foot. Me and the crutches were really slow.

So I am looking forward to decorating a better looking bra this year.

The article had a picture of a 2010 bra. It was a pink bra with tool box written on the cups. Pink tools and a hard hat completed the display.

I need to do a whole lot better this year. I used Lego‘s to decorate my bra. Who knows if they all stayed on the bra?

Any one have a great idea for this year?



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